Top electronic, rock, experimental and personal musics song list 2020-21

Electronic, rock, experimental, and personal music songs in 2020-21

Electronic music list 2020-21

1.Resident Advisor. 
2.Your EDM.
3.Fact Mag. 
4.Mix Mag. 
5.EDM Sauce. 
6.Dancing Astronaut.
7.The beatless

Top Rock songs list 2019-20-21:
The rock

1.Aerosmith 'Pump Songs,' Worst to Best
2.Aerosmith Songs
3.Duane Allman Studio Sessions
4.Gregg Allman Songs
5.Anthrax Classic Rock Covers
6.Bachman-Turner Overdrive Songs
7.Bad Company Songs
8.Jeff Beck Songs
9.Black Crowes Songs
10.Ritchie Blackmore Songs

Top experimental Music & songs list 2020-21:

Top electronic song list 2019

1.100 Gets
2.Acrone/Kali Malone
3.ngela ho / death becomes her 
4.Anna Meredith: Fibs
6.Bill Orcutt: Odds Again tomorrow
7.Black' myths: Black Myths 2

Top personal song list 2020:

Top electronic song list 2019-20-21:

1.The Rolling Stones
4.Lenny krvatiz
5.Eric claptown
6.yeah yeah yehas

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