Real world vs Virtual world (think about it)

Real-life. vs Gaming life / all about virtual and reality

Real vs virtual

In the past few years, video games have been criticized for making people lazy, careless, and inactive. However, over this time, research has proven that there are few advantages to playing video games, which happens in a virtual setting.

Real-life games trend to involve more activity and action, and they happen in real settings. Research shows that humans who played video games are more likely to play a real-life sport compared to their peers.

In my opinion :

When I think about video games,  it took me to the gaming world but that time I think about real life, whatever happens in gaming is not the actual real-world when we think about that gaming world and the real world, the gaming(virtual life) is truly opposite than real-life whatever happens in the real world it is  your living actual real world and whatever doing or playing in your gaming it's can't be happened in real life

In this picture, you see the reality of video games

Realworld vs actual world

Here what I think about real-life games and video games:

Real-life games involve a lot of physical activity whereas the physical activity in video games is limited. Therefore, it is possible to play virtual sports, games in limited spaces. Muscle movement when playing video games is limited to the hands or legs, depending on the game, real-life games, in contrast, involve the movement of every muscle. Hence, they are ideal for keeping fit like We can do any physical movement in real life

Real-life games involve interaction with teammates and opponents. Virtual games, on the other hand, are mostly built for single players. However, some games have multiplayer settings, and you can play online battles with friends or computer-generated characters. Either way, the interaction is still limited, like whatever you want to do any reaction to friends in gaming is limited and you can't give instant commands or responses.

While you play in real-time games have relatively unchanging g rules that are passed down many ages. So please do not take gaming seriously live in the real world, not in the virtual gaming world.

For these people or kids who want to forget and stay away from their online worlds(gaming worlds) as well.

  • Delete any type of games on your mobile
  • Go to the park or garden
  • Take a ride with your family or friends
  • Do any type of physical activity while you think about games
  • Help your mom and dad to do work
  • Write thoughts or drawing to grow your brain invention

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