Top 6 trends on the internet (updated 2021)

Top 6 trends on the internet (updated 2021)

The state of the web is constantly changing and evolving before our eyes - revealing new current trends that we never see. Gone are the days when email chain letters and ICQ instant messaging were web-defined fads that everyone knew and loved. Today we are in the age of mobile. Looks like we never have enough apps to distract ourselves. Many of us hope to plug into the web wherever we go, enchanted by cool gadgets that can talk to our smartphones. We're stuck with our endless desire to use more content.

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There are currently 10 culture-defining trends on the Internet that in the future we might look back on and think.

Top 6 trends on the internet (updated 2021)

01 - Thanks to the front-facing camera of each smartphone: Selfie Movement

The front-facing camera on our smartphones changed the way we took photos, and social apps changed their sharing. Sharing selfies is very convenient nowadays, so maybe we have all really learned to accept trends. It doesn't even help with the numerous photo-editing apps available, make it a point to enhance your snaps before you share them.

02 - The traditional medium is very slow now: first the news break on social media

Facebook and Twitter are your best options if you want to access the latest news as soon as possible. Social news sites like Reddit are even there with large social networks.

Social media has changed the way we consume news and stay up-to-date on what's happening in real-time. Of course, the problem with such instant breaking news is that everything shown in your Twitter stream is true and credible.

Yes, fake news can be a problem, but there really are no other platforms that compare to fix your news.

03 - We desperately need visual content: a new love for GIF

The animated GIF is a gorgeous cross between an image and a short video - without sound, of course.

Popular social networking platforms that thrive on image-based content like Tumblr and Reddit are places to go for GIF sharing. The Internet search engine for Giffy is Giffy. Google also has an image search filter for animated GIFs, so you know where to look when you really need to find GIF faster. Just go to, do your search, then select Tools> Types> Animated.

04 - The power to categorize conversations: hashtags everywhere

While Twitter was the original social network to bring the hashtag to life, others quickly embraced the trend.

Hashtags can now be used on all types of corners of Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and the web. It has grown exponentially to satisfy the need to effectively categorize content based on a particular theme or keyword to make search and search easier to find. You can be sure that this huge trend will never go anywhere anytime soon.

05 - We all love (laughs so much!): Memes, memes, and more memes

Sharing memes is an internet craze. Websites like BuzzFeed, Nor Your Mem, and I Can Have a Cheeseburger have built an online business empire out of them, and almost every week seems to be new to follow.

The viral energy of ridiculous memes like Yolo or Doge is undeniable. We can’t get enough of them and there are many meme generator tools available for you to create yourself and contribute to the most popular things at the moment.

06 - No more remote storage limits: cloud streams of entertainment media

Who wants CDs and DVDs now that we can get all your entertainment needs unlimited through services like Speedify or Netflix? You don't have to have a hard copy or a digitally downloaded copy of everything when you can stream what you want out of the cloud for a small monthly subscription fee.

Cloud streaming definitely solves the problem of limited local storage and is a fast-growing trend in media usage today.

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