20 differences between Android and IPhone ios

Must See before buying iPhone or Android 

Do you realize the main difference between Android and iPhone

the difference between iPhone and Android

How different are the two smartphones from each other If you don't know then today we are going to tell you about this?

Whenever we buy something, it compares to other gadgets
Of course, we do with other goods so that whatever we buy It has been found in good quality with low price. Fine
In the same way, when buying mobile, we have different mobile Check which fits into our budget and In which we get more features. Thousands of mobile phones are launched every year In which we get more than one feature in which we Confuse which smartphone is better for us
Will happen.

Android vs. iPhone which is better for you

Android or Apple
-Get 20 differences in both ios & Android 

Likewise logo on Android and iPhone
There are a lot of questions and confusion, people want to know
What is the difference between the iPhone and android? Tell you that in both
There are many differences but there is one thing that is common between the two. And that is that both are American company products and Both companies are world-famous Android where Google's product At the same time, iPhone is a product of Apple company. Android You will get smartphones from a lot of companies. Makes iPhone only Apple company.

What's the variety between Android and iPhone

Here we tell you the main difference between iPhone and android
Going if you are thinking of getting a smartphone You will get a lot of information about both here After which you choose the best smartphone for yourself Can. By the way, both android and iPhone are smartphones But some differences make them different, so
Let's knew it
1. Android phone - Google's operating system on Android Let's go while iPhone Apple company's iOS operating Running on the system means both operating systems Are different.

2. The problem of overheating and hanging you in iPhone Can not be seen while overheating in Android phone And the problem is hanging.

3. Makes Android phones a lot of companies in the world While on the other hand, the iPhone is the only American company Apple manufactures.

4. Apple company owns iPhone hardware and software Attaches in iPhone while making android phone Software and hardware by a different company Are made.

5. Latest Android operating system Android phones But do not work while the latest operating of iPhone Systems also work on older iPhones.

6. If something goes wrong with your iPhone then you Fix your iPhone by going to the nearest Apple Store While in Android you can buy the same company's store, You have to go to the company which has your Android phone.

7. iPhone for its best camera quality too It is known that its cameras also outperforming DSLRs. Whereas in Android, you get camera quality iPhone key I get the average in comparison.

8. Apple Company for their iPhone Mobile Users Provides updates from time to time, while others, On the other hand, there are very few companies in Android that update Gives the option of the updates

9. Android operating system of iPhone
Much better than the system because app update in Android It takes a long time to do an app in iPhone There is no such problem in updating.

10. If you have an iPhone, you will get a premium feel It shows your status while Nothing like this is felt in Android.

11. Android phones are very cheap compared to the iPhone While the price of iPhone is very high, this is the reason Most of the people prefer to take Android mobiles.

12. You can customize an Android phone in your own way. Like changing the homepage or launcher, icon, While changing and changing lock screen etc. You cannot change your way in iPhone.

13. It is very difficult to root iPhone It is not easily rooted while you have to run an Android phone Can be rooted easily and after rooting You can customize the mobile as yourself.

14. If you look at the number of mobiles in the world then Android, Comes in the first place because many Android phones Companies make iPhone while Apple company only Makes iPhone's number compare to Android due to this

15. In iPhone, you can install a few apps and games While in Android phones you can get about 20 lakhs Apps and games can be installed.

16. Number of Apps and Games in the Android App Store Much more than the iPhone's app store. In android you All kinds of apps and games will be available for free.

17. Today with long battery backup in Android Emphasis is being laid on making smartphones and there are many Company launches its more battery-powered mobile phones In this way, you have a long battery backup in Android You get the option of Mobile must charge once a day, Long battery backup is not available on the iPhone.

18. Stakes iPhone makes only Apple company So it takes a long time to launch its new model While making Android a lot of company and A new feature of Android with new features almost every month Launching continues in Android

19. Android is far ahead in terms of multitasking like Browsing the Internet with listening to the song in Android Can also mean you can do a lot of Android at a time can do all the work while multitasking in iPhone In this phone you do not get the option Can only work at one Tim.

20.If talking about the design of both smartphones
All models are the same, do not know by looking at the model Which model does the smartphone run while Android
I guess your model by looking at the phone Can. So now you know that Android and iPhone

What is the difference? Here we have told you a total of 20 differences about android and Iphone 12
After knowing the difference between iPhone12 and Android
It must have been easy to understand. By the way
iPhone is the first choice of rich people because it
The status is revealed while the first of the common people
The choice is Android. In which you get a lot for a low price
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