Blogger Creates new feature For beginners

Blogger Launch new feature For beginners 

blogger has just launched a new version called blogger, if you open your blogger account you see in the right corner Blogger ideas 
Blogger Creates new feature For beginners

Blogging beta x is a new update from 

blogger beta can help new bloggers to explore new topics, ideas for their blog, you can see it give suggestions to write about unanswered topics and keywords, perhaps after this new blogger update, people are not want to spend money on the keywords tool because the new beta version update gives suggestions, unanswered topics, and questions, new ideas to rank in the google search engine. 
it can help a lot of new bloggers 

what do you think about this new blogger update comment below?

which people don't know about blogging read this 

what is a blog

The blog is a product of Google which works and looks like a website, it is a free service provided Google, through the blog, you can share your thoughts, things with the whole world, like if we put a post on Facebook, Instagram then that post will give some logo But your post written on the blog reaches every person who searches about it on Google.
If put in clear terms, a Blog is a website that can be created absolutely free of cost and Google has made its interface in such a way that everyone can easily use it, and the way a website works, it can work like this Can be brought into it.

what is a blogger person who makes a blog and blogging on it shares a post every day/month and talks to people to connect with them share some questions answered are called bloggers like me.

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