Interesting New Facts about Nanotechnology (explore more)

There was a time when computers could be on the palm, Was not even thought about it. Call it a scientific fairytale Was considered, which was only on TV in 'Star Tracks' etc. Was shown. But today we have iPads, phones, mobile, tv.

Private PDs and iPhones.

Nanotechnology in today life

Let's see some facts about nanotechnology

• Nanotechnology, which was just a theory fifty years ago

Used to be medical science and other scientists

Are doing amazing in the areas.

artificial intelligence in nanotechnology bring a revolution in the field of technology

Is supposed to be It is estimated that based on the Nano this century by the middle, the whole world will be rejuvenated. now even the smallest equipment will do the biggest work.

The discovery of micro to micro is the only nanotechnology. Nano would be a billionth of a meter. Broadly speaking, eighty-thousandths of human hair run. Yet the atom is considered the smallest particle however, the Nano is more subtle than that.

Light but strong for this very small part of items will be manufactured. Miraculous the equipment will be ready, which will be amazing. Now such nanotechnology in robotics will be ready for the heart. They will continue to open the arteries that are in danger.

A mini microchip that provides a large amount of information will store - change the world of computer, mobile, TV

In today's busy life, nano-technology is found everywhere and it has become an important part of life. If seen, this technique was already in our midst but there was not much research on it and there were not even many resources that are there today. Now science has become so advanced that new types of research are being done and this technology i.e. nanotechnology has got a new direction. It is existing said that in the future, the purpose of every technology will be nanotechnology. Currently, nanotechnology is well used in everything from our everyday necessities to medicine and big machinery. Let us study nanotechnology through this article.

    What is nanotechnology?

    Fundamental Principles of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

    It is also risky to understand how small nanotechnology is. One nanometer is one billion meters, or 1 nanometer = 10-9 meters. Examples are:

    - There are 25,400,000 nanometers in an inch.

    - A sheet/paper of newspaper is about 100,000 nanometers thick.

    - On a comparative scale, if marble is of one nanometer, one meter will be the size of the earth. Think!

    Nanoscience and nanotechnology can see and control atoms and molecules. Whatever on Earth is made up of atoms/molecules - whether it is the food that we eat, the clothes we wear, buildings and houses, our bodies, etc. But it is unthinkable to see the grain with the help of eyes. Even the microscope can't be detected.

    The microscope instructed to see things at the nanoscale was invented about 30 years ago. Nanotechnology was also born along with scanning tunneling microscope (STM) and atomic force microscope (AFM).


    Main Point:

    Nanotechnology which is evolving day and night and quadruple is not a very new technology. Its theoretical discussion has been going on since the fifties. But it has made some scientific progress since the last decade. 

    When we fantasize about nanotechnology, we are reminded of the star track in which small robots enter the body, where no other can reach. Although this is true to some extent, now it will not be limited to small robots only. Now it will be connected to the mainstream technology Nano. It will also have applications in educational institutions. 

    The day is not far when more food can be prepared with the help of nanotechnology, more clean water can be made available and better living can be made. In Japan, preparations have been made that if an earthquake occurs, the radiation can be prevented by reconstructing the structure with the help of nanites before the nuclear power stations melt. Keep in mind, Japan is an earthquake-prone country.

    Interesting Facts About Nano Technology (explore more)

    Nanotechnology will prove to be of great use for the army as well. With the help of this, the wounds of a soldier wounded on the border will be quickly healed. Treatment will also accelerate. Soldiers will be able to improve their weapons, in the future, the Nanites will also be able to destroy the enemy's bases and reserves rapidly. 

    This will also win the war quickly. New and better secure military structures will be built soon. In the next few decades, nanotechnology will raise its flag in various fields, according to scientists. Products manufactured by this technology will contribute one trillion dollars to the world economy. 

    That is, in this nano industry, the doors of employment will open for two million people and this will provide triple indirect employment. Nanotechnology has a lot of potential in the field of space too. With its help, bases will be built on the moon, which will also have space stations and sub- houses with the ability to repair themselves. This will prevent accidents with the space shuttle and nanotechnology itself can prevent accidents as soon as a malfunction is realized. 

    These are just a few examples of the use of nanotechnology, which sounds like a fantasy. For example, a few hundred years ago, modern telecommunications and mobile technology available today would have looked the same. But science has brought all the fairytales and fantasies to the ground

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