Top 3 most asked question about free fire around universe

Most asked questions about free fire PC/mobile

FF is biggest battle royal game of all time and it's very popular around the globe.

Today I tell you some important things about free fire battle royal game and most asked qna about free fire on google.


So here the solution of ff Mobile games

1. How can I play free fire PC with mobile Internet

Tip 1 : go to mobile setting and turn on WiFi hotspot and connect through your PC and enjoy free fire gaming experience.

Tip 2 : this is advanced tip for you no one can tell you about this first go to your PC/laptop dashboard and search wireless display app you can see after that go to your android mobile setting and search connectivity and after you can connect you laptop or PC to mobile internet.

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2. When did the free fire Mobile has officially launched?

30 September 2017

In Play store free fire launched in 20 November 2017.

Free fire launched before Pubg but nobody doesn't known about that, the graphics of free fire is not better than pubg and also cod ( call of duty mobile). When u play free fire you recognized that freefire has low graphics than others battle royal games. So why free fire popularity is huge than other battle royal games?

- because Free fire is father of all battle royal games, the first battle royal game is Free fire has launched before pubgmobile officially on Google play store.

3. Free fire is best than PUBG in which country

  1. Indonesia

  2. Brazil

  3. Bangladesh

  4. India

  5. South Korea

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