Top 14 best VR games of all time (2021)

Top 14 best VR (virtual reality) games of all time

Hi gamers and streamers today we are yes we are tell you Top 14 VR games that's you can play in 2021. Today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 best VR games of all time. In this list, we're looking at games that best showed off the potential of virtual reality games. whether it was because of their technical prowess creativity or just by being fun to play we're only counting games designed specifically for VR so we won't be considering games with optional VR modes which VR game is your favourite be sure to share with us in the comments below.

Note: in the right side we give you perfect release date of the vr games. We tell you about story and the real meaning of these virtual reality (VR) games below.

best VR (virtual reality

Top 10 most playable valuable vr games

10. Rick and Morty virtual reality (2013)

Rick and Morty's virtual reality is certainly the best vr game in 2013 so far as a Morty clone your job is to take care of rick's more benign tasks while the two head off on their adventures. in addition to a variety of props and tools for you to mess around with there's also a handful of puzzles for you to solve fans will appreciate the many references to the show as well as the property's trademark humour which we've all come to expect

9. Shooty fruity (2020)

This is the funny name of this funny game. ever felt like retail could be a bit more lively well it doesn't get livelier than this shooty fruity turns players into minimum wage warriors forced to defend their workstation from hostile fruits while scanning groceries sorting trays and packaging orders the better you are at your job the more weapons you'll have access to and you may even snag a couple of power-ups along the way, of course, this is all easier said than done when there's wave after wave of fruits bearing down on you if you hope to survive stronger fruits like peaches and watermelons you'll have to work fast.

8. Vader immortal (2019)

It is a star wars virtual reality series, as we inch closer and closer to making games more fully immersive more real to our dreams of being a Jedi become if you've ever wanted to hold a lightsaber you may find new hope in Vader immortal after being captured by the empire you're taken to the planet Must afar where you meet the titular villain who is significantly more intimidating in vr throughout this three-episode see an adventure you'll learn the ways of the force while observe Vader's R's attempts to cope with his past it's an amazing star wars title and it's a game that shows how games can still tell an exciting cinematic narrative in vr.

7. five nights Freddy's yes help wanted (2019)

This is best vr game and it was published in 2019, say what you will about the five nights at Freddy's series but tFrenchnchise has never been more terrifying than this help wanted is essentially every game in one vr package with some extra challenges that take advantage of the vr's capabilities [Music] on top of checking security cameras and keeping the animatronics at bay there are modes where you'll have to get up close and personal with them as you repair vents or even the animatronics themselves it's so frightening that we're sweating just from the thought of booting the game up again.

6. Blood and truth (2019)

This is best free vr (virtual reality) game and if you ever wanted to live out your own action movie that dream can become a reality or at least a virtual reality thanks to blood and truth a psvr exclusive that puts you in the role of Ryan marks after a running with crime boss tony sharpe you and your family exact revenge by taking down Tony's henchmen and operations as you track down the crime lord you'll have to sneak past guards break into rooms and survive shootouts oh and make sure you look cool while doing it this game gives you plenty of opportunities to play the Badass.

5. Super hot vr (2016)

if you want play vr shooter game with a little more challenge and one that'll keep you active in the process then super hot vr is a great choice much like the first non-vr game in the series this indie shooter pits you against waves of red polygonal figures with everything moving in slow motion the faster you move the faster the game moves so you'll have to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings as you dodge bullets and fire back trust us it's a lot harder than it sounds.

4. keep talking and nobody explodes (2015)

keep talking and nobody explodes is that perfect game for those who enjoy complex puzzles and yelling at their friends for their poor communication skills one player wears the headset acting as the diffuser while the other players or experts consult a manual filled with instructions for every puzzle [Music] as expected you only have a short amount of time to solve every puzzle on the bomb before it explodes needless to say this is another one of those games that will test your patience as well as your friendships just remember to read carefully before telling the diffuser what to do

3. Astrobot rescue mission (2018)

despite the other entries here not all vr games are shooters and puzzles they can still be regular video games with lighter aspects of vr and that's what makes astro bot rescue mission such a spectacular title teaming up with captain astro you'll have to help him navigate through levels while trying to rescue adorable little robots [Music] there's eight in every level and if you're going to nab them all you need to interact with the environment whether that's by peeking around corners or smashing your head into obstacles it's a wonderful title that's brimming with personality and if you have a psvr you absolutely need this game.

2. half-life alex (2020)

This is best vr game in 2020 with the exception of blood and truth this might very well be the first triple a vr game or at least the first time a large gaming company put out something this high caliber for vr taking place before the events of half-life 2 Alex puts characters in control of the titular Alex Vance as she takes on the combine alongside her father for a vr title the visuals are incredibly impressive and it's bewildering to see it running at a consistent 60 frames per second there's no denying that half-life Alex is a technical achievement and while it isn't half-life 3 it's still an exceptional new entry in the franchise

Before we reveal our number one pick here are a few honorable mentions

10. Marvel's iron man vr Game (2020)

It's basically a tony stark simulator and it's awesome you can play on your own device

11. moss (2018)

This is best cute game in 2018, you control the cute mouse in a beautiful world

12. star trek bridge crew (2017)

command your own uss enterprise with friends

13. la noire the vr case files (2017)

It is best detective game was released in 2017, you too can be an lapd detective in the 1940s.

14. batman arkham vr (2016)

''I am vengeance'', ''i am the knight", "i am batman"

So that's off for today, in the next blogpost we're going to tell you about upcoming psvr games in 2021, apex legends vr, and free vr games steam and much more.

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