Top 10 best Netflix series for you (must see)

Top 10 best and most watched Netflix series in 2019-20

Top 10 Netflix movies and series also

Hello friends and welcome to our blog. Friends, you all know that Netflix is the most popular and content-rich streaming platform, but it never shows its viewership data, but keeping a lot of competition and complaints, Netflix is ​​now show about its most popular trending and most wanted shows and movies. I have started telling users. In July Twenty Twenty, Netflix had released a list of its most wanted movies and series on Netflix from which I have told you the most Bosch movies and today I will tell you about the Top Ten Most Watched Netflix Original Series. In this post u can see short story of Netflix series in below. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see cinema news, trending songs, movies and series, and other updates.

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    Elite (2018): best drama thriller series

    Top 10 best Netflix series for you (must see)

    This is best Spanish team drama thriller series that received a great response from the Netflix viewers, and the first season of the series which broke October, released Tintin on Netflix, was watched by over a million viewers at the First Month. The story of the series follows the three working class teenagers who are admitted to an exclusive private school in Spain and after going there, clashes and rivalry start with the students of their school as well and this is the clashes and rivalry in this series Make thrilling and interest. Three seasons of this series have been released so far, and in January Twenty Twenty, Netflix renewed the series for the fourth and fifth season.

    When they see us (2019): best crime Netflix series

    Top 10 best Netflix series for you (must see)

    At number 9 is When they see us, a crime mini-series based on true events. This series is based on the Central Park Jauhar case of the HighTension HT line and it explores the lives and their families of the five mail suspects who were also charged for a Woman's Rape and Assault in New York City's Central Park. The casting of this mini Netflix series is perfect and all the actors have given excellent and perfect performance. If you like to watch stories based on social issues and true events, then you must watch these mini series. After the release of this series, it was seen by more than three million viewers. Around the World in the first month itself.

    Dead to me (2019): best dark comedy series
    Top 10 best Netflix series for you (must see)

    Number 8 is dead 2 me This is the best dark comedy series that was quite popular on Netflix, where the Thirty Million viewers watched the series in the first month after its release. The cast of series 'dead 2 me' do an excellent performance in series' the story explores the friendship between the Jaina and Judy. Where Jain is a researcher in real state and Judy trying to maintain his life through excise and therapy, trying to balance her mind. In a therapy session, they meet each other and the two of them have a same problem, which they are both get very close to solution. But as the story progresses, the dark secrets are kept in front of viewers.

    Unbelievable (2019): best English drama series

    Top 10 best Netflix series for you (must see)

    This is a limited drama mini series based on the 2015 news article 'An Unbelievable story of rape'. This article was written on the rape case and their police investigation between 2008 and 2011 in Washington and Colorado. This limited series was watched more than thirty million times. The series is the culmination of a serial rape case in Washington and Colorado between 2008 and 2011 that follows the story to lead character Mary, accusing her of lying that she was raped. Now two detectives investigate this case and try to reach the truth.

    Our Planet (2019): best documentary series on Netflix

    Top 10 best Netflix series for you (must see)

    At number 6, our Planet is a best documentary series in 2019. There is a lot of documentary on Netflix, but below is the beginning of the documentary and the Planet, which is based on Nature of Conservation. It shows Demonstrates Yemen's ban on the environment and how climate change and how it's impacts on creators. Some such interesting topics have been covered in this series. This post nature documentary of Netflix attracted a lot of users.

    Sex education (2019): popular series on Netflix

    Top 10 best Netflix series for you (must see)

    This teen comedy drama show was very popular series on Netflix and it was critically and commercially successful for Netflix as well. After the release, more than a million viewers watched the show on First Month. This series shows us the story of a royal teenager, Otis Melbourne, who is a bit dutiful about sex.

    Strange but still he starts a sex advice business with his classmate team and his advice also helps a lot of people. Friends, in addition to this basic story, you will also find many funny romantic moments in the series. Friends, this is one of the best three comedy drama shows to date.

    You (2018): best psychological thriller show on Netflix

    Top 10 best Netflix series for you (must see)

    It is a psychological thriller show with a concept theme and storyline, and its season one was watched by over a million viewers at the first month after its release. In the first season of this intrusting psychological thriller series, we see that the lead character who is a book store manager is very upset with an aspiring writer and now this psychopath can do anything to get him. Friends, if you like to watch best psychological thriller shows and movies in 2021. then this interesting show is for you should not be missed at all.

    Money heist season 3(2017): one of most popular series on Netflix

    Top 10 best Netflix series for you (must see)

    Money heist is neither a high time show, whose popularity and fan following is all we know. When this series came on Netflix, this popular series for the original Six Weeks was ticking by. Also, this is one of most popular series in IMDb. This series was also in trend on Twitter and became a favourite series of international viewers.

    After its release, its third season was launched and broken by more than a million viewers. It reached the third rank in the 2003 Most Wanted Netflix series. This is best amazing Netflix series shows us the story of two amazing hybrids. Perfect planning these two heights is a mysterious member professor and then he creates them through a group of eight people. Friends, this is a series whose suspense and thrill are maintained till the end of the story. The story is not loose and keeps the views tied to the end.

    The story and theme of this show is as amazing as the star cast of the series, where each actor has given such an excellent performance that the youth of the show's characters will always remember. After all these special cities, the background score and theme music of the series is also excellent.

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    The Umbrella Academy season 1 (2019): best superhero drama series

    Top 10 best Netflix series for you (must see)

    This is the superhero drama series based on the umbrella Academy comic book. The first season of this series which was released in 15 Feb 2019 this series was watched by three Million Netflix viewers at the first month after its release and made it a popular show on Netflix, so that the show was renewed for the second season. The story of this series is the opportunity for dysfunction assembly to Adopt superhero sublinks.

    The characters, called these superheroes, have some power and other visual powers. Now all these siblings try to solve their father's death mystery together. the cast of this series do good performance and attract many viewers.

    Stranger Things Season Three (2016): best sci-fi horror series on Netflix

    Top 10 best Netflix series for you (must see)

    Stranger Things is a very popular sci-fi horror show that has been a record maker and most watch show on Netflix. The third season of the show was specially revealed by Netflix itself that Stranger Things minister broke Netflix's old viewing record and set new records where the party point seven million Netflix users watched the show at Four Days after the release of the third season. And the rating point to million viewers saw in this time trend.

    After the release of the first season, it received four Million viewers at the third season in the first month itself, which Stranger Things set a new record for Most Watch Netflix Original Series 2016. Stranger Things did many more watch and record names because unique story theme characters background score is all perfect. The world's popularity and its international and active fan base are still intact and everyone is eagerly waiting for the fourth season. I don't think there is a need to tell its story line up now because by now all of you must have seen the first season and if you haven't seen the first season yet, go and see.

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