Top 5 popular games, anyone can play in 2021

Here the list of Top 5 popular games, anyone can play in 2021

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1. Minecraft 2009 (129 Million+)

Minecraft 2009 (129 Million+)

-- Minecraft is a sandbox video playing game developed by Mojang studios. And Created by Markus notch Person in the Java Programming language and it released in public alpha for personal unique computers in 2009, the game was officially released in November 2011, with Jens Bergensten taking over development. Minecraft is a juggernaut that just keeps on steamrolling, but we’ll acknowledge that we’re slightly cheating with our listed stat here.

Technically, the data could place Minecraft on Apex Legends. The thing is, while we only have data from 2015-16, we know that Minecraft has only increased its player base exponentially over the past 4-5 years. You only have to look at its (MAU) for proof.

2. Fortnite 2017 (390 Million+)

Fortnite 2017 (390 Million+)

-- Fortnite has now available to the Google Play store! Squad up and compete to be the last one standing in Battle Royale, is an online video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. It is available in three distinct gaming mode versions that otherwise share a similar gameplay and game engine

Love or hate Fortnite, it surely has to go down as among the most important video games ever made in the video game industry. Epic Games’ battle royale game has recalibrated what it means to build and support a successful “live” service-style video game.

Fortnite is a constantly shifting entity, remolding itself with different features and new trends emerge. It’s essentially a new game every month thanks to its battle pass content, and it’s also managed to embed itself into pop-culture by collaborating with musicians and celebrity figureheads to stay relevant. And it is my favorite game also.

3. Grand Theft Auto V 2012 (73 million+)

Grand Theft Auto V 2012 (73 million+)

-- Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure multiplayer game and it's developed by Rockstar North games and it is published by Rockstar Games, The most popular that industry I have ever seen. It is the first main entry in the {GTA} series since 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV. It is like the real game, the software used to make this game is filled with high-resolution graphics and elements.

It’s a seemingly unstoppable force that regularly finds itself among the top 10 best-selling games each month&year, it's popularity 267,360 it accessible in mostly ps5 and some people tell me that it available on android and iOS I am not sure that it true or fake.

GTAV is a mandatory purchase for the new console and PC players, and with so much content having been added since launch, we’re expecting that the game to continue posting impressive numbers throughout 2020-21

4. Player unknown battlegrounds 2017 (10-million +)

Player unknown battlegrounds 2017 (10-million +)

-- PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PubG) is a battle-royale video game, a very popular game in a whole world similar to the global hit Fortnite, in which 100 players fight for survival. PubG was developed in South Korea and it is a South Korean version but Tencent had licensed the game and was testing a mobile app version in China. Founded by Brendan Greene are an American divorcer and the software used to make this game is the unreal engine, and it is also published by pubg corporation.

Its popularity is 1,091,897, it has 50 million monthly active users, But while PUBG may no longer rule the battle royale roost, it still offers a tactical military-sim experience that isn’t matched by other games in the genre. This, and the fact that its mobile version is also extremely popular (numbers not included in above stats), should see PUBG’s community soldier on throughout 2020. It is updated every month-year.

5. Free fire (70 million +)

Free fire (70 million +)

-- Garena Free Fire ||FF|| is an online multiplayer battle royale game, it is developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS. It became the most downloaded mobile game and in PC of 2019-2020, due to its popularity, the game received the award for "Best Popular Vote Game" by the Google Play Store in 2019, it is made by UNITY. Ff has 500 million downloads on the play store. F & PUBG has the same 50 million active users per month.

It is published by Garena Studios, the most popular gaming studio in Singapore, it is not a Chinese game, They offered popular games such as League of Legends. Some people say that ff is a Chinese game but the answer is no.

Top 5 trending games, anyone can play in 2021

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