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Top five trending technology in 2021- must explore in 2021

Technically technology is increasing every mini-second, every day. encouraging progress in various fields and is predicted to have a profound impact on all businesses in the coming years. Did you know that in 2012, our 12% of cars were connected to the Internet and it was estimated that by 2020, about 94% of the vehicle,s would be connected to the Internet of technology?

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(5 years after the percentage is increased by and technology becomes vast)

According to PwC's research, business, industries, and companies are interested to optimize artificial intelligence (AI) shortly, including timesheets (81%), scheduling (81%), and paperwork (85%). Repeating tasks can be minimized.

So, here Top 5 trending technologies

Top 5 trending technologies - must explore in 2021

The upcoming Top 5 Technology Trends 

The technology of the future is depending on us, what we make, what we think. technology is growing every second, every minute, every day. robots, industries, companies, or whatever is it depending upon humanity that's why I create this blog post to tell u the upcoming future technology, below you will find out why technology important for humanity, how technology building AI system, and much more.

Then the future of 2025, the smartphone will become obsolete.

By 2025, Pearson said, "If it's the future of 2030-2045, & if you have a smartphone, people will laugh at you."

In the next 10 years, it will be possible to remove the screen in AR with a small bracelet or other ornaments, making it unnecessary to move around the smartphone. Associations like "Magic Leap" are working to bring AR into the mainstream.

• Hyperloop takes us to cities in just six years.

We already know that after seeing the first test run by start-up Hyperloop One in May, we are getting closer to seeing the Hyperloop, high-speed propulsion system. Hyperloop One has partnered with the city of Moscow to bring one to Russia.

Pearson said he expects short-range hyper loops to take people between the two cities over five to six years.

• In early 2025, machines began to think like humans.

Pearson said he believes it is possible to regain computer consciousness by 2025, perhaps even in 2020.

"Google's Deep Mind" is not there yet, but I'm sure they'll find it out with their own, and by 2020 their computer will be supernatural and aware," he said. "This may indeed be the final beginning."

• Space missions designed to send people to Mars could begin in 2030.

This prophecy has made it important for Muscat to realize his dream of taking people to Mars. At a Vox Code conference in June, Musk said he was considering sending 202 passengers to astronauts in the Red Planet, so they would arrive therefrom 202.

"We will find out our humanity go to Mars first, and then do some basic things like robots [Mars].

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• Prosthetics can become so advanced in the next 10 years that they can give people new skills.

We have already seen that people already use advanced and medicinal substances. 25-year-old biological scientist James Young has a personal drone and an artificial arm with a built-in flashlight. And a French artist is using prosthetics twice as much as a tutu gun.

Pearson said that artificial and medicinal plants will continue to thrive in places where people are fully comfortable with the technology involved in the body. For example, he said that cybernetic implants can be placed in their feet to make people stronger.

• Clothing can give people supernatural skills over the next 10 years.

The most obvious example of this is the exoskeleton lawsuit, Pearson said. Hyundai has recently developed an exoskeleton suit that makes lifting weights a lot easier.

But Pearson said you can also imagine other types of advanced clothing, such as leggings that make walking and walking easier. Or a Spiderman like a jacket or suit with a polymer gel that can improve strength.

• Virtual reality could replace textbooks over the next decade

Virtual reality we call it in short form " VR". Vr can fastest grow with technology. Vr can show us the virtual world it means whatever is happening in our brain it can show us on the screen that is called VR the virtual world (VW)

Google's campaign app already allows students to travel in VR to places like the Great Barrier Reef. The app was first launched in beta format in September.

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• 7 most important knowledge about Lazer technology

New information about laser technology

Lasers create a narrow beam of light in which all of the light waves are to be pointed ... Because laser light stays focused and it has a similar wavelength and it does not travel or spread out too much. laser beams can travel in a long way direction. It also creates a lot amount of energy in a very specific area. The laser can be helped us in many different ways. It helps to cutting, drilling, welding, pulsed laser deposition, soldering (brazing), lithography, cladding, marking, engraving, micromachining, hardening, ablating, surface treatment. There are also 4 types of laser technology, which are.

1.solid state




Theodore Maiman the man who makes the original working laser at HRL (Hughes Research Lab) in the year 1960, and in his paper, he describes the process of the first laser was distributed in Nature three months later.

sometimes, It looks like it produces lazer been but it’s not true, Sunlight will never be a laser and it never produces Lazer been. As for the intensity of the power, the sun-light is already stronger than lasers. it isn’t defined as intensity level.

There are 4 advantages of laser, which are...

  • Flexibility...

  • Repeatability...

  • Contactless Cutting...

  • Versatility...

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The 500 important words on Nanotechnology

Top 5 trending technologies - must explore in 2021

Essays on nanotechnology

Essay # 1. Real Meaning of Nanotechnology:

The word Nano derives from the Greek language 'nanoscale' which means dwarf. Therefore, nanotechnology can also be called dwarf technology. Micro Technology Micro Technology) we use to manufacture micro and advanced computers. But nanotechnology works at a more subtle level than microtechnology
Scientists are engaged in making nanorobots that will be able to enter the human body and perform ultra-surgical operations. For this, it will be possible to construct biologically important molecules with the help of nanotechnology. Such biomolecules can be used in industrial and medical applications.

Let us now see how subtle Nano is. In terms of measurement, nano represents one-billionth, as one nanometer means one billionth of a meter. How subtle the nanometer is can be estimated by the fact that it is equal to one-millionth of an alpine knob.

A length made up of ten hydrogen atoms or six carbon atoms placed close together will also be one nanometer. Similarly, if we imagine something about 90,000 times thinner than human hair, it will be equal to one nanometer; That is, the thickness of our hair is about 90,000 nanometers.

The size of a small ant is about 5 million nanometers. The diameter of a human cell is 30000–50000 nanometers while the diameter of the cell nucleus is nanometers. In consist of DNA is only 2 nanometers while the size of proteins is 1–10 nanometers.

But it would be a mistake to explain nanometer as the last step of precision. For example, the first Angstrom unit used to measure the wavelength of light is equal to ten-billionths of a meter, i.e. one angstrom is equal to 0.1 nanometers.

Come, starting from one meter, descending the step of subtlety to the nanometer. The first millimeter will come in our journey, which is one-thousandth of a meter. After this will come the micrometer which is one-millionth of a meter and after that the nanometer which is one-billionth of a meter.

The thing to note is that after reaching one to three steps from a meter, we reach the nanometer. On descending each of these steps, the value of precision is reduced by a thousand times. In comparison, the knob of a pin is equal to one millimeter, the size of an initial bacterium is one micrometer, and the length of ten hydrogen atoms or six carbon atoms equal to one nanometer occurs. If we continue this journey beyond the nanometer, then another step will come first picometer (10-12 meters), then femtometer (10-15 meters), and then atomizer (10-18 meters).

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Essay # 2. Introduction to Nanotechnology:

We all see dreams, our elders say, dream big dreams. But if we talk about 'small' dreams instead of big dreams! Let us imagine a future when computers will work faster, steel will be made lighter but a hundred times stronger, and diseases like Parkinson's and AIDS can be treated with the help of special medical tips.

This is not a dream or a fantasy of any science fiction, but all these possibilities with nanotechnology or nanotechnology working at the level of molecules and atoms are going to turn into reality in the future.

The science of super-sized particles is called nanoscience. Since technology is a means of making science useful, nanotechnology is a practical form of nanoscience. You will become more efficient.

In such a situation, it will become easier to handle the business of this world. It will also be easier to get more energy efficiency and to create environment-friendly conditions.

Digital technology trends in 2021

Top 5 trending technologies - must explore in 2021

Today the whole world is taking advantage of digital technology. In many ways. We are being used first to maintain any books of account. Used and thick files were kept safely but Today the whole world is using digital technology and all file computers Are protected through, Today technology has changed the whole world Today, through technology, many facilities are being given to peoples. 

Upcoming mobile technology, Health Technology, Electronic Technology change the whole world. Today all countries use technology are doing and made the work successfully in all government offices through technology, Going and all the work is being done in all offices through computers, internet. So that more tasks can be done in less time.

Through technology, many facilities have also been available in the field of education. 

If we used to go for admission to a school or college, then we had to fill the form had to be lined up and many people had to fill the form for us. But today we sit at home through the Internet, computer to school, college forms. we can fill the fees of school and college, we can also fill all this from home. This has been possible due to technology.

Today many electronic devices are being made through technology all over the world. That we are all using, like different types of bulbs, CFLs. Various types of coolers, punches, and presses are used. Until we Will does not advance through technology, will not use digital technology Till then we cannot progress. Through digital technology. Roads are made which take less time to build because the fold Technology is used to make roads. All have got facilities like e-lockers through digital technology. Through this, we can preserve documents and jewelry. First, we need money in banks Had to be in line for hours to pick it up but through digital technology, Today we can transact millions from home sitting, all of this digital technology would our life easy.

Today people from all over the world are using digital technology and the whole world is fast.

Changing from today, whether it is a city or a village, the internet is used everywhere Has started to go and all people are using different types of technology. Today many people are using technology in farming, which gives them a yield.

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It is getting out well. Through technology, farmers come to know that What are the precautions we should take to do farming? We have got facilities like e-mail through digital technology. We save both our time and time through the medium of email Can communicate through. Today the whole world through digital technology All work is going on and through digital technology today all Countries are promoting technology. Today, e-portal for government documents of all countries Online portal when a plan is made But everyone has the facility to fill the form and we can fill the form online. This has been possible due to true digital technology. How much did you like this article in the digital technology essay?

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