Best Samsung Smartphones in Today's World (Review)

After 2020 Samsung will launch three foldable. smartphones these smartphones are called the galaxy z4 3, the z flip 3, and the affordable z4 light or z-fold fv.

Now we Have a large display Specifications of all of these foldable smartphones. I talk about the top of line galaxy note killer foldable phone the galaxy z 3. 

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the leg which is one of south korean's big websites says by citing the OLED research firm ubi research that the galaxy z fall 3 will have a 7-inch range inner display. they're specifically mentioning range here which means they are sure about the 7 inches part but they don't know if it's 7.6 inches or 7.8 inches it's more likely it will be 7.6 inches similar to the galaxy z4 2.


now the outer display is where things are getting weird. the original fold had a small 4.6-inch outer display. people complained about it so Samsung increased it to 6.2 inches on the z photo bringing it in line with modern-looking smartphones but now our research says that Samsung is going back to the 4.6-inch display size on the z-fold 3 for some reason, they say the z-fold 3 will have a 4-inch range external display the elec is one of the most reputable South Korean websites if it was some other random website I would have called this number I mean why in the world would Samsung go backward with a tiny. The 4.6-inch screen it's the biggest complaint people had with the original fold in terms of user experience and usability. it was horrible and Samsung acknowledged this when it released the galaxy z4 2 with a larger 6.2-inch cover display so I don't find any reason why would they take a step back with the z43 and for that reason I want you to take this information with a heavy dose of skepticism but the good thing is the electors confirmed that the phone will have a thicker ultra-thin glass for the s-pen support.

and a top 120-hertz display with that said the z-fold light or z-fold fe will also have the same display sizes both inside and outside that's a 7.6 inch inner and 4.6-inch outer display now this makes sense. I think they want to keep the cost down and a smaller outer screen will help them to achieve that but it makes zero sense on the default 3 which is going to replace the powerhouse the galaxy note. I don't think Samsung will handicap the default 3 like that but in any case, I’ll keep you posted now the z flap 3 the clamshell foldable will have a 3-inch outer display which is an improvement from the 1.1-inch tiny screen on the z-flip.

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the inner display will remain at 6.7 inches with a punch-out camera system. all three foldable will have ultra-thin glass and according to the latest information the z-fold fe will be launched first in quarter one next year as I’ve said it's an affordable handset in the foldable genre but no information about the rumored price but the z-fold three is rumored to cost about the same as the z fall 2 and that's the cost is 1980 dollars.

Samsung will also make the z fold through thinner and lighter to improve the user experience even more Samsung will launch this handset in June next year of course with that being said let me know what do you think about this down in the comments.

In 2020 November Samsung was launched new Galaxy s20fe. It was topmost selling Samsung phone in 2020 (ending). Because the colour and design perfectly matched any user. You can choose any type of creative colours with a classic, motion, or any type of design. It has Infinity-O Display with a great view. It has a triple rare camera to get best and awesome photos. The resolution of the selfie camera is 32MP to take your selfies. 

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