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Once the rest of the 2020 game is decided, it will be amazing to predict 2021. This year’s world-changing events aren’t visible to anyone, but one thing is clear: technology has affected every aspect of our lives as much.

The 5 biggest technology trends of 2021

Another clear thing is that the most important technological trends of today will play a big role in tackling and adapting to the challenges we face. From working in shifts to working in new places where we meet and interact in public places, technology will be the driving force for managing trend change.

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In many ways, the COVID-19 will act as a catalyst for a complete overhaul of the cards already in place, thanks to our fast online and digital lives. Things will now become much faster with the need as the driving force. And it should happen - as some US presidents have predicted - the COVID-1 Mag will magically disappear "- the changes that have taken place will not happen, because we have done many things more efficiently and learned to do them safely.

In my most recent book ‘Tech Trends in Practice’ there are major technical trends identified, which will continue next year. While some people will play their part in helping to improve “normality” (whatever it means), some of it will make it easier for us to grasp and navigate the changed reality.

So Here are The top 5 biggest technology trends of 2021

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The 5 biggest technology trends of 2021

Undoubtedly AI(artiFicial intelligence) is one of the biggest technological trends of that era and by 2021 it will be a more valuable tool to help us understand and comprehend the world around us. We will continue to successfully increase healthcare, infection rates, and measures to prevent the spread of infection. This means that the machine learning algorithms will be better informed and will become increasingly sophisticated in the solutions they solve for you.

From computer vision systems to monitor the interaction of public sectors through communication tools in the field of communication, self-learning algorithms display connections and insights that will be ignored by manual human analysis. They will help us predict the demand for services from hospitals and other healthcare providers and help administrators make better decisions about when and where resources should be deployed.

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For businesses, understanding the changing patterns of customer behavior will be a challenge. There will be more &huge human activities online - from shopping and socializing to virtual working environments such as networking, meetings, and recruitment. By 2021, the tools we use to analyze these behavioral changes are expected to become more sophisticated and more tailored to the needs of most organizations' budgets and infrastructure.

2. Robotics, drones, and vehicle automation devices

The 5 biggest technology trends of 2021

As the number of passengers People's using public transport fluctuates from week to week, the initiative for self-driving vehicles will continue to grow exponentially. Driving efficiency in public transport networks will be a priority for service providers as well as civic authorities, where reducing human labor costs will help balance the uncertainty surrounding customer demand.

In recent years we have seen the emergence of robots in the field of care and assistance, and this will be especially important when trying to communicate with members of the community most vulnerable to infection, such as the elderly. Instead of completely changing the human interaction with caring ivers, which is very important for many people, we can expect robotic equipment to be used to provide 24/7 access to domestic help, as well as to provide a new channel of communication to provide a bus companion when sending nursing staff home. Not safe. Besides, companies that find themselves in their own premises still need maintenance and upkeep when they are vacant, turning to robotics providers for services such as hygiene and safety. These activities have already begun to raise the stock prices of entrepreneurs involved in the supply of robots.

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The drone will be used to deliver critical therapy and will be equipped with computer vision algorithms, which will be used to monitor footsteps in public places to identify the increased risk of viral transmission.

3. A service revolution

The 5 biggest technology trends of 2021

"A-A-Services" - the provision of services we need to live and work through a cloud-based, on-demand platform - has reached the trends of other technologies we speak of today. So AI and robotics are likely to be for any business or organization, regardless of their size or budget. Cloud offerings from companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon Mazon, and the growing crowd of startups and spinoffs can lead to the deployment of sophisticated equipment in all areas with little investment in innovation, equipment, or special people.

We have clearly seen cloud-dependent companies as a global epidemic Provide scalable solutions to enrich the service. Zoom in, for example, all of which Horse has quickly become a household name with the speed it was able to connect with and increase the quality of its coverage and service. 

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This is due to its cloud-based nature and engagement with its own service providers, which can quickly increase capacity to meet demand. In 2021 and beyond, this is becoming more important day by day and will open up more possibilities for all.

4. 5G and enhanced connectivity

The 5 biggest technology trends of 2021

Faster and more reliable internet doesn't mean we can load webpages faster and spend less time waiting for videos to start on YouTube. With every advancement in mobile connectivity from 3G, new usage cases for the Internet have been unlocked. While 3G web browsing and data-based services have become useful on mobile devices, 4G has increased streaming video and music platforms as bandwidth have increased and 5G will also open as many doors as possible.

5G is augmented reality and virtual reality (as discussed below), as well as services relying on advanced technology such as cloud-based gaming platforms such as Google's Stadia or Nvidia's GeForce, can now be implemented anywhere at any time. We are also threatened to make cable and fiber-based networks illegal, we need to tether them in a certain place.

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In short, 5G and other advanced, high-speed networks make all the other trends we discuss here available everywhere, anytime. Complex machine learning applications that rely on real-time access to big data sources can be organized in the field by automation. A great example is the Norwegian fishing operator Salmar, which uses a 5G network to automate the maintenance and feeding of its fish. Image recognition algorithms are used to find out which fish are eating more or less food and automatically distribute the food and medicine needed to keep them healthy. Activities like these will become more important during 2021, where businesses seek to increase automation in their field of work.

5. Augmented Reality (XR) - Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / AR)

The 5 biggest technology trends of 2021

These terms include technology that uses glasses or headsets to project computer-generated images directly into the user's eyes. When a superstore is placed on what the user is seeing in real life, it is AR. And when it is used to keep the user fully engaged in a computer-generated environment, it is VR.

We will be able to discuss this over the next year and discuss it together with other trends discussed here, helping to address the challenges posed by the current global situation. Broadly speaking this includes allowing us to avoid potentially dangerous situations where there may be a risk of viral transmission. For example, medical examination and diagnosis can be overcome remotely. The solution available to ophthalmologists gives permission for the eye to be examined entirely in V-R, as high-definition cameras provide a clear image of the patient’s eye. The AR device then allows the customer to browse the range of glasses on offer and see what appears on their face without leaving their home.

We will see an increase in the use of VR and AR tools in education. This will reduce the need for you to work in crowded class conditions - not completely but in minimal areas and sometimes when it is known that broadcast rates are high.

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And if more data is available on the status and method of viral transmission, AR tools are used to provide real-time warnings when we pass through known areas where the infection has spread. Even simple steps like reminding to wash your hands when touching a door handle in a public place or warning a device when you realize you have washed your hands without washing your hands can help save lives and prevent us from spreading the disease if we touch the face. The real word is the environment in which we live and move.

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