All you need to know about Tesla Car with full information - all models explained

As new technology is coming out, new features are coming to the market. If we talk about the car itself, you will find a car with a lot of different and latest features in the market and Tesla Cars is also one of them, which have the latest features and environment friendly.

Tesla Car with full information

The Tesla company was formerly known as Tesla Motors. It is an American company that makes electric cars. It was named after the American inventor Nikola Tesla. Tesla Motors, which is the name of the company, was created by Elon Reeve Musk. Elon Musk is the CEO of this company since 2010 to make electric sports cars.

Tesla The prototype roadster of Tesla's first car was officially released on July 19, 2006, at the tax hangar at Santa Monica Airport in California. Over 350 people were invited. But Tesla Motors launched it in 2008. This first Tesla car was fully electric. In company tests, it covered up to 245 miles on a single charge, the first time any electric car had done it. The rest of the second test showed that its performance was much better than the performance of any other gasoline-powered sports car.

A roadster can travel 60 miles from zero to less than 100 kilometres per hour in less than 4 seconds, and 125 miles which means it can accelerate up to 200 kilometres. Elon Musk played a negative role inside the company and tested the Roadster at a very deep level. Even if it is a test of its design Or speed. From the very beginning, Tesla cars told that they had to make electric vehicles near the goal. Tesla was to start with a gold premium sports car and later to make the more cheap and good quality car, then after such an interesting start, now in Tesla Get to know about the rest of the cars being built.

Model S is at number one. In 2012, Tesla stopped production of the rotor to focus on its new Model S sedan, which is the strategy of any major company.

The big companies remove limited editions of any model so that its popularity will continue, so Dawn came into the market with 3 different battery options. In this, Estimate to Audit Device Passenger Hundred Meal means Three Hundred Satellite Phone Hundred Range of 3 km. The battery option with the highest performance gave a speed of 60 miles per hour from zero to 200 kilometres per hour in 130 seconds in 4 seconds. The Roadster used to have batteries in the front of the car while this model had a battery at the bottom which gave more space to the front. The Tesla AutoPilot facility started from the Model S in 2014. If you want to buy this model in India, then you have to spend one and a half crores.

Us market

In the US and European markets, Tesla has defeated almost all its competitors such as the BMW Seven Series and Audi A8 and Mercedes Benz S Class.

Electric Sadan Variant Five Tee with Left Back Design Foam is available in Hundred Tee and P Haddi options. Out of these, PT can set the speed of hundred kilometres per hour in just two point five seconds from one of its stand steel.

Model X is at number two. Tesla launched the first SUV model X1 crossover car in 2015. Crossover means a car with the features of the EcoSport utility vehicle. It was offered with an all-wheel-drive setup. The Model X had a maximum of 295 mill which means 475 km of battery range and it could seat 7 people at a time. The Indian market value of Model X is 2 crores. The Tesla Model X is also an electric vehicle and one of the fastest SUVs available globally. The Model X runs very fast and heads from zero to a speed of 97 kilometres per hour in 22 seconds. It has another facility that is not found in other cars. To space the car, two of its last roads can be flat. These vehicles are five seater, six seater and seven in the US market. Available with options. It has many other features like Maps on Navigation Real Time Traffic Information Active Safety Technology. This includes LED Toning Lights Las Windshield Automatic Keyless Entry in Collision Avoidance and Automatic Emergency Braking LED Fog Lights Free Options. Meaning you can understand that every modern features are present in it. The Tesla model takes its power from the WH of a five or the WH lithium ion battery of the Hundred. Model X is also in competition, China's electric startup Neo has launched its first vehicle which promises to sell at half the price with all the features of Tesla. Tesla Model X price LDA $ 58 means around 65 million

Starts at Rupees Model Three is now ahead of number three because of the demand for more affordable cars. Model Three was made in 2017 with a limit of two hundred and twenty miles but now Tesla has stopped production of this model till 2021 Its showroom price has been kept at Rs 60 lakh. The Model Three is offered in three electric powertrain auctions.

Standard Plus Long Range and Performance Model Three can be run up to four hundred and twenty three kilometers on a single charge. Long range autofocus variants come with a dual motor and all wheel drive setup. Long Range gives five kilometers and Performance Five Seven kilometers. On the other hand, the performance variant gives you speed from zero to night seven kilometers in just three points one second.

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Tesla may also introduce India Space Model Three with Standard Plus and Long Range for the first time. Talking about its features, the Tesla's young Suspect model PRE also features a five-inch touchscreen infotainment system with dual-way power adjustable front seats with two wireless charging pads with heated function and photon speaker sound system with autonomous driving features and These features will also be available in other models. Now it remains to be seen what Tesla offers with the India Space model but it is expected that it will also have a lot of advanced features.

Although the Model 3 has no direct competitor, it will be the highest in terms of feature compared to other cars in the Rs 60 lakh range, such as the Maurice Bank A Class and Audi A SX BMW Five Series and Volvo S Knight. Model number is ahead at number four, like the rest of the models of Tesla, the model B has also been tried to make it the best. The low center of gravity, strong body structure and the Red Jigra Impulse Force make it safer than the rest of the company's cars.

The Tesla also has a lot of features like it can seat 7 people just like the Model X. Every other row seat can be flat, freeing up lots of space for furniture and lots of luggage. Its lift goon opens on the gold lone track floor which makes loading and unloading easy. T he Tesla On Wheel Drive has two ultra-independent electric motors that digitally control the front and rear wheels. The modeled rain is capable of running smoothly in snow mud and off road. Modify is fully electric so you will never have to go to the gas station. If you charge it overnight at home, it can run all day without charging. Its battery is enough for the whole day and when you are on the road, there are plug stations along the way where you can easily charge it. A world global report says, we currently have more than 20 thousand super charger stations worldwide and 6 new openings every week.

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