Why Re-Used Solar Panels Are Bad Option

used solar panels

Every gadget in this world has warranty period. The more warranty of the gadget the more popularity of it. Non of every single gadget has more than 5 years warranty in this world. If we talked about solar panels. It not has more than 2 year warranty. if any Gadget is damage then we can repair it and install new parts to the Gadget but if the any single part of solar panel broke then we can't repair it because solar panel is made of glass, solar carbon black cells, if mistakely you broke the glass then the carbon cells of solar panel's also broke.

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If you going to buy Pre-owned solar panels then the shopkeeper not give you its guarantee. Most of 80% solar panels has less than 2 year warranty. Some of damaged in just 1 year. That's used solar panels is not good option mostly in India and USA. Perhaps you have to changed your mind. There were too many new big-small size solar panels you can buy in cheap prize from online market.

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