Top 5 Gadgets That Can be Worn on Finger

There are now lots of gadgets that can be worn on fingers, they range from rings to watches and several other types as well. Finger-worn gadgets are the trend for this summer. You don’t have to take off your clothes or make any changes to your wardrobe, but you can completely change the way you look and feel with these gadgets. These gadgets offer different features and some of them can even be used for medical purposes.

Top Gadgets That Can be Worn on Finger

1) A ring with an LED display on it. See it

2) Nail polish that changes color depending on the pH level of your nails. See it

3) A device that you wear on your hand to measure blood oxygen levels. See it

4) A smartwatch that can track your heart rate. See it

5) Finger-shaped USB drive. See it

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