Gogoro and its interchangeable batteries

IMAGE: Gogoro

Gogoro is a Taiwanese company founded in 2011 by Horace Luke Y matt taylor with the idea of ​​offering simple electric mopeds, designed for urban mobility, and with a system of interchangeable modular batteries that can be found in stations located at multiple points in cities.

Extremely popular in Taiwan, the company is about to pass a very interesting milestone: its network of recharging stations is set to exceed in this year 2022 the total number of gas stations in the country.

The company manufactures their own moped models and its interchangeable batteries through an alliance with Foxconn, but also has its own network of vehicles for rent, and had the vision to propose a platform model and begin to license its technology to other manufacturers such as Yamaha, Aeon, PGO, Coup or Hero so that they could make use of its recharging network. The result of this network of alliances has been a growing popularity in more and more markets, and the development of a model based not so much on competing on performance – Gogoro mopeds have a relatively low average speed and around a hundred kilometers of autonomy – but in ease of use: when the indicator tells you that you are running out of battery, you stop at a charging station, and exchange them for others. All the batteries, both the ones you receive when you buy your moped and the ones you find at the exchange points or those carried by the vehicles in the rental fleet, are exactly the same, with a design that makes them easy to handle and with a characteristic green and black color.

In Taiwan, a country where an increasing number of people use electric mopeds as a replacement for a car, there are more than 63,000 electric mopeds made by the company, with the next largest competitor, AEON, around 7,000. But in addition, the company has signed alliances with manufacturers in such massive markets as China (Yadea and DJC), India (Hero) and Indonesia (Gojek), trying to expand its model of interchangeable batteries internationally.

The company is also now preparing to go public on the NASDAQ through a SPAC, which will be carried out during the first quarter of 2022. One model, that of interchangeable batteries, which has been talked a lot What possibility for electric cars in different countries, but that seems to make perfect sense with mopeds, where the size and weight of the batteries allow the operation to be carried out in an instant and without any problem. Without a doubt, an interesting model.

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