Amidst the cost of cooking gas, the government reduced the prices of these LPG cylinders, know how much cheaper LPG cylinders became

LPG Cylinder Price Hike: After about five months, oil companies have increased the prices of LPG LPG cylinders, but customers using commercial cylinders have got some relief. Oil marketing companies have reduced the prices of commercial LPG cylinders of 19 kg. In Delhi, now a commercial cylinder will be available for Rs 2003 instead of Rs 2012.

so low price

The prices of 19 kg LPG cylinders have been cut by Rs 9. Its prices in Delhi have gone up to Rs 2003 per cylinder. At the same time, the prices in Kolkata have come down by Rs 8 to Rs 2087. Whereas in Mumbai the price has come down by about Rs 9.

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