China’s ‘Covid Attack’ on Hong Kong! Giving a blow to the efforts of freedom by tightening the grip

Omicron delta recombinant: In the political capital of Hong Kong, there has been a constant voice against China and against it. But according to experts, due to the ‘expert help’ being provided by Beijing, the efforts being made towards ‘independence’ from this semi-autonomous city from Kovid-19 may get a setback.

Hong Kong’s reliance solely on China’s Kovid-19 strategy is increasing in comparison to the world’s opening up like other countries. Experts said, this has helped Beijing to consolidate its presence in the city, which was previously unimaginable.

Kovid cases increased in Hong Kong

Since the beginning of this year, a politically sensitive one for China, Hong Kong has seen a spike in cases and fatalities. According to a Reuters report, some advisors to the government in Beijing fear that if the virus does not remain in Hong Kong, there will be instability in the city, as it did in the city in 2019. At that time, due to the anti-government protests, a big crisis had arisen for Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Hong Kong is entangled in this. According to a press release issued in late February, an emergency ordnance was declared in the city in order to “get support from the mainland (ie China)” and “run projects swiftly against the pandemic”.

China is taking advantage of Kovid like this

The Hong Kong Free Press said in a report that elderly patients are being treated by Chinese doctors and nurses at a treatment facility set up at the Asia World Expo Convention Center. Medical staff have escaped the licensing examinations and registration procedures that are normally required. Authorities said that computers containing patient information have been changed from English to Chinese.

Surveillance is increasing with the help of Corona

A report published by Bloomberg in late February described how Beijing was using the pandemic to increase its surveillance over and within Hong Kong. Its contact tracing app is important behind this.

Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, described it as “two shots with one arrow”.

‘Dynamic Zero Strategy’ created for Hong Kong

Kenneth Chan, an expert in Hong Kong politics at Hong Kong Baptist University, told Bloomberg that the pandemic has given China an opportunity to penetrate, which it is doing through its ‘dynamic zero strategy’ for Hong Kong.

Since China has imposed National Security Law on Hong Kong since June, 2020, the authorities are prosecuting journalists, activists and pro-democracy leaders etc. Now with increased detail surveillance, officials are able to get more information about citizens.

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