Paksitan: PM Imran Khan said, ‘foreign forces are trying to remove me, I will not bow down’, 10 big things

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing the media on Thursday, said that a foreign country sent a message saying that the country will have to face consequences if he is not removed. Imran Khan said this while addressing the country after a no-confidence motion was brought against him and his government.

Khan, 69, said the country has reached a defining moment in history and he will not bow down. The PM has denied resigning ahead of the no-confidence motion and said he never gave up. Earlier on Wednesday, Khan had canceled his speech.

Khan claimed that a foreign country has sent a message to Pakistan that Imran Khan needs to be removed or else Pakistan will have to face the consequences.

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In his televised address, Khan said Pakistan has reached a defining moment in history. I will not bow down and will not let our people crawl like ants.

The cricketer-turned-politician, recalling his childhood, said that he remembered that Pakistan was moving forward. He said that South Korea had come from Pakistan to learn how we were progressing, the Malaysian princess used to attend school with me. People from the Middle East come to our universities. I have seen all this disintegrating and my country being humiliated.

Khan said that he comes from the first generation from whom he was born in the independent country. Along with this, he reiterated that the foreign policy of Pakistan should be for the people of Pakistan.

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Along with this, Khan said that when I came into politics, I had three goals and that was to ensure justice, humanity and self-reliance.

Check out the main points here:

1. In his address, Khan referred to the threatening memos received on March 7. Before saying that he had received a threatening memo from a foreign country, he took the name of America in a faltering tongue. He revealed that in the memo, a foreign country said that if it loses in the no-confidence motion, they will forgive Pakistan and if it does not lose, the country will have to face the consequences.

2. The former captain of the Pakistan cricket team and his government is facing criticism for his performance in the country. He is facing criticism for managing the country’s economy, skyrocketing inflation and rising debt.

3. On Wednesday, Khan lost a majority in parliament after his key coalition partner, the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), left the ruling coalition.

4. Due to this the opposition demanded immediate voting on the no-confidence motion against Imran Khan. The session of the National Assembly of Pakistan has been postponed till Sunday.

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5. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) President Khan addressed the nation where he spoke on the no-confidence motion, foreign conspiracy against his government and the progress of Pakistan, among others.

6. According to the constitution, a prime minister is elected after a majority in the National Assembly in Pakistan. The lower house of parliament has a total of 342 members.

7. Under the constitution, a member is required with 172 or more members to become the prime minister. The same number is needed to win a no-confidence motion.

8. The Prime Minister of Pakistan still has time to avoid a no-confidence motion even if his government gets less votes than the opposition. However, the opposition is also not seen getting 172 votes.

9. On Thursday, the Prime Minister of Pakistan also convened a meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC), which is the apex body to discuss security matters during the no-confidence motion.

10. Voting on the no-confidence motion has been postponed till April 3.

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