Business Idea: Cultivation of this tree will make crorepati sitting at home, know how to start – Business Idea start Mahogany tree farming with low investment earning crores of rupees know how to start

Business Idea: In this era of Corona era, if you are troubled by your job and want to increase your earnings, then today we are giving you such a business idea, through which you will become a millionaire sitting at home. There is no loss of any kind in this business, although it will take some time, but no one can stop you from becoming a millionaire. This business can make you rich with money. Today we are talking about Mahogany Farming. This is a tree that will earn crores of rupees. If 120 trees of mahogany are planted in one acre of land, then in just 12 years you can earn crores of rupees.

how is a mahogany tree

Mahogany wood is strong and has a long shelf life. This wood is red and brown in color. It is not affected by water damage. If we talk about the arguments of scientists, then this tree can only bear the temperature up to 50 degree Celsius and it keeps on growing even when there is no water.

Where do trees grow

Mahogany plants are grown in a place where strong winds blow less, because its trees are 40 to 200 feet tall. In India, these trees are only up to 60 feet in length. The roots of these trees are less deep and in India they can be grown anywhere except in the hilly areas. It can be grown in any fertile soil, but never plant these plants in waterlogged land or in rocky soil. The pH value of the soil should be normal for these trees.

Mahogany tree is known to be very precious. It is extremely strong and durable. Even water does not have any brown effect on it. Hence it is used in making ships, jewelry, furniture, plywood, decorations and sculptures. Along with this, the leaves of this tree are mainly used in many types of diseases including cancer, blood pressure, asthma, cold and diabetes.

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Its plant gives seeds once in five years. Up to five forts of seeds come out from one plant. The cost of its seeds is very high and they are sold up to one thousand rupees per kg. If we talk about bulk, then wood is easily available in bulk for Rs 2 to 2200 per cubic feet. It is also a medicinal plant. Therefore, its seeds and flowers are used to make potency-enhancing medicines. A special kind of quality is found in the leaves of the mahogany tree, due to which mosquitoes and insects do not come near its trees. For this reason, the oil of its leaves and seeds is used to make mosquito repellents and insecticides. Its oil is used to make soap, paint, varnish and many types of medicines.

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