Rahul Gandhi will appear before ED tomorrow Congress called nationwide satyagraha BJP taunt Sonia Gandhi out on bail

Congress launched a nationwide satyagraha over the issue of summons from the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and party leader Rahul Gandhi in the money laundering case related to the National Herald-Associated Journals Limited deal. announced. At the same time, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) retaliated and asked why is the Congress scared?

Former Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot, who arrived here on Sunday, reacted sharply to the ED’s notice to top Congress leaders, calling it a conspiracy by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya put the Congress in the dock and said that why is the Congress scared in the National Herald case.

Talking to reporters at the State Congress Headquarters here, Sachin Pilot said that there is an atmosphere of anger among the Congressmen in the entire country regarding this fake and conspiratorial case. He said that on Monday morning, all Congress MPs, MLAs, former MPs/MLAs, executive members, office bearers of the state executive along with Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi will march to the ED’s office in Delhi under the Satyagraha program. Along with this, Satyagraha program will also be run on Monday at all the state headquarters across the country including Uttar Pradesh.

‘Sonia and Rahul Gandhi out on bail’

Speaking to reporters at the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) state headquarters, Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya said, “Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are out of jail on ‘bail’ (bail) in the National Herald corruption case. Now in connection with the investigation. If I have got ED notices to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, then it is a case of corruption.”

He said that the Congress is trying unsuccessfully to give political weight to the matter. Maurya alleged, “Corruption is the national character of Congress and Sonia-Rahul are on ‘bail’ for corruption charges. When ED is raising curtains on their game, mother and son started playing with the country’s pride and peace. Huh.”

Sachin Pilot alleged that the British felt so much danger from the newspaper ‘National Herald’, which contributed to the freedom struggle, that the British government closed this newspaper from 1942 to 1945 during the ‘Quit India’ movement of the Congress. was. Today again the ideology supporting the British rule of that time is making a hideous conspiracy to suppress ‘this voice of freedom movement’.

He alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is the head of this conspiracy and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) is his weapon. He said that the National Herald Newspaper and the Congress are no different, the voice of the freedom movement.

Keshav Maurya at BJP headquarters said, “Congress leaders should know that Modi government will not allow anyone to loot the country’s resources. Congress and its leaders should remember Modiji’s words in which he clearly said that I will not eat.” And I will not give food nor will I bring it out of the stomach of those who have eaten hard earned money of the public and will spend it on the welfare of the poor. Now the era of theft and extortion is gone.”

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He said, “Congress leaders should remember that there is a Modi government in the country and looting of resources is not acceptable under any circumstances. If you do theft, you will have to face the punishment, no matter how big or high the person is. Don’t be.”

Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Maurya said that if Rahul Gandhi has the courage, he should face the charges. Answer ED’s questions and present your case.

He said, “Showing power to mislead and hide lies will no longer work. The Congress party, steeped in greed, loot and greed, corruption, is in a bad situation in the country today. Even after this, their leaders are working to cover it up. are doing.”

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