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Return to the Dark Tower set for the game. The named tower is glowing red inside.
Image: Restored game

The state-of-the-art electronic tower is smart, capable and dangerous

Return to the dark tower, Arguably the most ambitious product created by Restoration Games, is a legacy board game – in more ways than one. This high-concept, hybrid electronic board game seeks to honor the cult classic Dark tower, Which was first released in 1981. It was also funded on Kickstarter in February 2020, less than a month before the Covid-19 epidemic changed our world forever. Now, nearly a year and a half after its promised delivery date, copies have finally been delivered to supporters. Despite obstacles to its development and production, Return to the dark tower Still an exceptional board game. And, just like the original, in the middle of it is a large piece of black plastic that is as novel and singular as the original.

Dark tower There was a legend of his own time, his arrival in a memorable television commercial with the sweet voices of anyone other than Orson Welles. It had a prestigious circular board with a protruding plastic fort in the center. The ominous beep sounds in the vivid center, each time bringing it to the table, creating a terrifying and mesmerizing experience.

A purple player character stands between Kip and Town, suffering from colorful skulls falling from each tower.
Photo: Restoration game

One of the most interesting aspects of this new release is that it has been created as a sequel, not a remake. The story of his predecessor is referred to in the opening pages of the manual, in which a great bad situation arose in his room when the tower had been in a state of disrepair for ages. The challenge now presented is the renaissance of the structure as evil is literally spreading through every nook and cranny of it to terrorize the land.

Players take on the role of curious heroes like Relic Hunter or Brutal World. The box has four options and each has a unique ability and style of play. Unlike its predecessors, Return to the dark tower With a secondary competitive mode that mimics the original look, there is now a fully cooperative design. The heterogeneity of the characters supports a strong foundation for the collaborative structure as it promotes discussion and allows the heroes to take advantage of their position.

Much of the session is spent navigating the state and clearing the ground from the small skulls that have been pulled out of the tower. You also have to balance this cleansing to get resources like fiery emotions to enable your growth or anonymous warriors for your retirement. You also have the task of fighting lesser enemies, such as enemy brigades, terrifying spiders, and thunderous Titan. Characters progress, unlock new abilities and items, which enrich the fantasy RPG identity. In the end you meet the conditions of the situation and face the boss coming out of the central fort.

The player's character on its sideboard, colored yellow to match the ring on the miniature.
Image: Restored game

The evolution of both setting and mechanics is spectacular. First, the figure is dark and stylish, vaguely creating an atmosphere of the Lord of the Rings that, given a sinister nature, never fails. Its world seems fantastic, yet it is more crisp and instructive than the original.

Moving to a cooperative form is also extremely modern. This style of board game has grown in popularity with similar hit releases Epidemic And Glumhaven Lead the way. Moving the Dark Tower family into this fantastic shared experience is a great choice. It focuses on the hostility in the center that dominates the table, as opposed to the competitive race to scoop up the keys found in its predecessor.

My initial encounter with the monolithic tower was an inconvenience, however – and not in the objective thematic sense. The large mechanical piece features moving parts as well as electronic sensors that require you to download information to your phone via Bluetooth. My tower stumbled and locked when I first turned it on. He was a sly one. After researching this issue, it seems that my specific issue has only affected minority customers. The restored game was extremely quick to send out a replacement.

Once the tower was up and running, I was shocked. It is a showstopper in every sense of the word, dominated by its table presence and just such a large silhouette. I like that it’s somewhat repulsive and too high, blurring vision on the opposite side of the board and prompting you to crane your neck to catch a glimpse of the shadowy surface on the edge of the state. This is amazing because the tower is overwhelming, suffocating and with a theme of dominance and perfect and powerful immersion.

A batch of shaded miniatures in a plastic pack.
Photo: Restoration game

However, the strange thing is that the tower sits in a strange zone of being an intricate piece of digital wizard and an ignorant automaton at the same time. It is a kind of illusion, capable of hypnotizing an aspiring participant but only one who does not scrutinize his momentary activities very closely.

Magic occurs primarily during players’ actions. At the end of each turn, the player throws a plastic skull at the top of the tower, which can cause an event. This is a great way to randomize feedback and avoid messing around the table with extra card decks. It also brings a moment of calm tension as you wait for your destiny.

At best, the tower is spinning and glowing, keeping everyone on edge as new monsters are born and skulls are pulled out to spoil the ground. You will also be instructed to remove the seals during the game – the plastic doors that prevent the exit from the inside of the tower. Occasionally a glyph will stare into your eye, as if against one of the outgoing ones mentioned above; These are fairly nasty because they force you to spend extra resources to perform basic actions in the game world. Then, as you get used to this nuisance, the tower spins and three skulls are spit on your face, crashing onto the game board dropped below. It’s just a big part of the plastic, but in my game some players seemed to be targeted by his hatred, even though the behavior was clearly random and irrational.

If you really check what the tower is doing, you can come to the conclusion that it can offer more. A cynical fortress can be described as a glorified dice tower, randomly the skull you drop down while providing only a few glittering sound effects. I sympathize with this critique, but Tower’s performance is truly mesmerizing and provides a fantastic backdrop to the ongoing battle. If you immerse yourself in the story being told, then this is a wonderful play.

Wizard miniature, delicately highlighted with ink.
Photo: Restoration game
A dragon miniature is spread over a city, two white skulls filling its square.
Photo: Restoration game
A spectral chief, his many hands are full of weapons and lanterns.
Photo: Restoration game
A strange monster holding a flaming wreath of skulls.
Photo: Restoration game

Surprisingly, the Essential Companion app does more than just run the so-called Dark Tower. This is the primary mechanism for fighting, reducing resources and managing character effects. There are also occasional dungeons that appear on the map, and you’ll use the app to explore multiple options in a reminiscent layout. The Legend of Zelda. As you enter new rooms, you are exposed to the same effects as enemy attacks. It’s a very simple but instructive system that presents micro-level stories to tell a grand story. They are not used much, which makes them more attractive.

In addition, one of the basic features of the app is randomization of game content. A beautiful aspect of this game is that it offers many different enemies of different situations and different powers. You can manually choose which options you want to face or decide the combination of applications for you. The choices here are strong, especially in the circumstances, as they vary from the discovery of a mysterious dungeon trio to the discovery of treasure.

Return to the dark tower This is noticeable because it is very smooth in the use of technology as well as in the use of modern design principles. It’s a simple and well-organized game that I can play with my 8-year-old daughter, but it’s strategically fast for standing in front of a group of adults enjoying the hobby. Its price is the only drawback.

When Kickstarter was launched in 2020, Return to the dark tower Cost up to 125. Due to the challenging financial situation of the last few years, it has now reached $ 190. This is a huge cost point for board games and hard for many to swallow. This puts the game at the center of the collection and restricts its wider appeal.

Perhaps because of that cost, some may be disappointed that this modernization is not fully committed to a longer and more complex strategic design than the current accessible approach. But it’s really amazing how it stays in the right position to attract newcomers as well as adults who have enjoyed an earlier entry in their youth. It does so with both narrative drama and physical awe. As such, it is an incomparable adventure.

Return to the dark tower Is now catering to supporters of his crowdfunding campaign. The campaign for the second printing will begin Backerkit It was soon reviewed with a physical copy provided by Restoration Games. Vox Media has an affiliate partnership. These do not affect editorial content, although Vox Media may receive commissions for products purchased through affiliate links. You can find Here is additional information about the ethics of the polygon.

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