Anime, Comic-Con and Video Games: This Is the Nerd Paradise in Bangkok

The video game and anime industry has a new capital: Bangkok. We tell you why this Thai city has become a hub for comic and video game fans.

Thailand is home to one of the anime, manga and video game capitals: Bangkok.

Fans from both local and around the world flock to this city to live the experience every passionate gamer and nerd craves: interacting with the most open community in the world of comics and video games.

This type of entertainment has a long history in Thailand. Thai comics date back to the reign of Rama VI, who used to draw cute cartoons of his ministers and courtiers and then publish them in The Dusit Times.

Today, Thai comics have absorbed the influence of comics in other Asian countries such as Japan, which has allowed the development of video game culture and fantasy.

This growth is evident in a cohesive comic industry, with its popular Comic-Con and even videogame academies, making Bangkok a center of excellence for fans.

Most read comics in Thailand

According to the Japan Manga Alliance Thailand, paradoxically, most comic book sales in Thailand are related to Japanese manga.

Manga is a comic book based on the late 19th-century Japanese genre and covers a wide variety of genres such as mystery, romance, action, horror, and science fiction.

Thailand, a video game giant

Even though the best-selling comics in Thailand are of Japanese origin, things are getting localized in the video game space.

The country is currently the fastest growing video game producer in the Southeast Asian market, with over 28 million Thais involved in gaming.

As Tobun Puangmaha, co-host of the Thailand Game Show 2017 Grand Festival, says, the event is due to the wide availability of affordable consoles and a wide variety of titles.

thai fandom

The term fandom refers to a group of fans who get together to share a common interest and organize activities that nurture camaraderie among its members.

In the case of the Thai comic and gaming fandom, it has been determined that it is the broadest and most cohesive in the Asian continent, where fans have adopted a truly group mentality and have great respect for the concept of community.

Video game academies in Bangkok are just another sport

Anime, Comic-Con and Video Games: This Is the Nerd Paradise in Bangkok
eSports in Thailand

The magnitude of the growth of the video game industry in Thailand is such that it is now considered a sport.

At Pantip Plaza, an electronics shopping mall in Bangkok, the eSport Arena recently opened its doors to become more than a video game convention center and host e-sports competitions.

At least 20,000 video game players in Thailand are registered professionals with eSports federations, thus participating in local tournaments.

finally Sports Authority of Thailand has recognized Esports as a professional eSports organization.

And as if that wasn’t enough, a traditional country like Thailand has welcomed not only eSports but also online betting and casino games, which are only available legally on certain websites.

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Bangkok Comic-Con: The Rendezvous Between Cosplayers, Celebrities and Fans

There is also Bangkok’s Comic-Con, one of the most important in the world. It has achieved excellent participation in previous editions, such as collaborating with anime festival asia thailand,

This important event for the comic scene, video games and entertainment in general, brings together producers, directors, writers, actors and other artists to give fans lectures about popular productions and entertainment in general.

It is also an important meeting point for fans, along with local and Hollywood actors, celebrities, and the most talented cosplayers.

At Comic-Con, you can find special editions, vintage collections of comics and video games, action figures, and more merchandise.

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