Best anime-themed game slots in 2022

The best part about online slots is that they come in different styles and themes which improve the overall user experience. Even though the theme of the slots doesn’t necessarily affect your winnings, it makes slots more exciting and fun to play.

Due to the vast expanse of online slots, nowadays it is very easy to find a specific niche-designed slot that interests you. Game developers try to make slots more popular by incorporating various themes from popular movies and games, or specific designs such as an anime slot.

When it comes to anime slots, it is important to mention that they are not only beautiful to look at but also offer interesting gameplay and bonus features. The anime slots use vibrant colors and hand-illustrated designs followed by a peaceful melody that will make the process even more enjoyable.

As anime-themed slots continue to grow in popularity, we have decided to cover some of the best slots you can find at an online casino. So, let’s go through some anime-themes progressive slot that you should try.

moon princess

moon princess

It is developed by Slots play n go and features an anime theme inspired by Sailor Moon. The Moon Princess design is very cool and has colorful symbols like bells, stars, hearts and anime characters.

As in the other slots, the goal is to match three symbols to clear the grid and earn coins. Unlike spinning the reels, Moon Princess has a unique style of play that can fetch you big prizes.

It also offers two bonus features. The first bonus comes when you manage to clear the entire grid of symbols, earning you free spins. You can choose the number of spins and the multiplier for a bigger payout opportunity.

The technical part of Moon Princess is also good. It is a slot game with an average RTP of 96% and high volatility. This means you can play it for a long time without any big rewards, but once you reach a winning combination, the payouts are huge.

magic maid cafe

This is a Japanese classic maid cafe slot developed by NetEnt, which once again proves that they are one of the leading companies when it comes to slot design. The colors and pictures are mesmerizing.

Once you open this slot it is like walking into a digital cafe where you can access all the goodies. Even the play button looks like a cup of coffee, and everything is styled to perfection with an anime theme.

A cafe would not be complete without the inclusion of a beautiful waitress who will accompany you while playing the slots.

Icons come in the form of delicious food, and the goal is to match at least three in the five-reel anime slot to earn rewards. By matching symbols you create a cascade effect where other symbols fall and lead to more combos, potentially increasing your multiplier.

This is a medium variance slot with a decent rtp Both low and high rollers can be enjoyed by adjusting the bet limit.

ninja ways

If you want more action packed anime slots then Ninja Waze is right for you. This is another beautifully designed slot, and despite the striking symbolism of weapons, it is a really relaxing slot followed by a beautiful soundtrack.

Ninja Waze is an “all-ways” win slot where your goal is to match three symbols to win big prizes. Playing this slot will take you on a journey to Japan and make you feel like a true ninja.

Even if you are a beginner in the slot world, you can easily get the hang of it, thanks to Titanic Ninja who accompanies you, gives you hints and introduces various bonus features. He can also create a winning combination, open a door with a giant symbol, and make a wild for a guaranteed win.

This makes the game unique and exciting as you never know what to expect.

Ninja Waze has a standard RTP and is a medium volatility slot where you can win 10,000x your original bet.

magic heap

Here we have another fascinating anime slot machine that is much simpler than the other machines we have covered so far. However, being simpler doesn’t mean it’s less exciting.

Magical Stacks offers the standard symbols found in most slot games, such as a fruit or letter, and a pink-haired girl who is actually the wild symbol.

The most exciting part of this slot machine is that you have the chance to open a mystery box that gives you the ability to change to any other symbol except the wild or the scatter. This increases your chances of winning and gives you the ability to make combinations on your own.

There are also lots of other bonuses where you can earn free spins or prize multipliers.

This is a simple anime slot game that is great fun to play and can lead to big payouts using the mystery box feature.

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