Box Office - HIT - The First Case opens lower than expected

Box Office - HIT - The First Case opens lower than expected
Hit The First Case Box Office Day 1: Low Opening (Photo Credits – Facebook)

This column predicted that HIT – the first case would open 1-1.50 crore range. exactly what happened the movie collected 1.35 crore on the first day. Primarily a multiplex film, this is where it brought some moolah and the entire lifetime dependability will also depend on these premium properties in major cities.

A suspense drama, the film hit was not well publicized and did wonders on the first day as well. Better awareness should have been created for the kind of topic it has and is reaching the target audience but it was not. To be honest, direct release movies OTT Have a better discussion around them.

Rajkumar Rao The HIT has done well but the overall result has received a mixed response critically as well. As for the audience, not many people have seen the film yet and hence it will depend on the segment which has liked the film to spread the buzz. The film would need at least 2.50 crores today to make any headway at the box office.

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources

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