BUILDERS OF BUSINESS INSTITUTIONS: How TCS built an industry for India

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Q. What was the essence of the transformation of TCS from an organization into an institution? What is the role of the Black Swan events in such a transformation?

The evolution of TCS from organization to institution was achieved through the gradual expansion of the vision from customer data processing to a service-oriented global vision, TCS Shapers — Kohli and then Ramadorai — enabled young talents to realize their vision. , set short and long term priorities, in addition to task processes, that guarantee repeatability and reliability. Critical to this transformation were events that, in hindsight, were unlikely to happen, almost like the Black Swan events that allowed TCS to provide India with a new industry and expand into overseas markets, leading to the creation of the highest jobs in the United States. States in 2019.

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K. Kohli and Ramadorai had very different personalities but shared values, and both overcame hardships that were instrumental in shaping TCS and influencing the nation. To what extent is risk a common denominator for success?

Shapers like Kohli and Ramadorai were transformational leaders who believed in taking risks to succeed. However, they first focused on identifying risks and mitigating them, always being aware of the collateral failures and the need to recognize these failures. Shifting responsibility in case of failure was never an option.

Q. Does the Shapers’ DNA get passed on to the institute, or does the institute inspire the shaper?

We argue that institutions, while shaped by people, shape those who choose to work and be associated with them. Thus, Shapers create institutions, and institutions form Shapers.

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Q. How do Kohli and Ramadorai inspire you as shapers?

As management educators, practitioners and students, Kohli and Ramadorai inspire us to think high performance to work to leave behind legacy organizations that can stand the test of time.

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