Call of the Night Episode 2 - Another Great Night

night call Episode 2 is back with yet another incredible episode with Nazuna’s newfound friendship. The anime continues with its pleasing bright colors, starry sky, creative shots and every other smooth movement in the show! It’s actually becoming one of my favorites this season!

In last week’s episode, we experienced the peace and freedom of the night. This week, we get to see how Ko begins to feel lonely as he searches far and wide for his vampire friend, apparently. Most of the night is spent in search of him. The story, along with the art, is very engaging and the only thing I hate is how short the episodes feel.

night call Episode 2 highlights the growing relationship between Ko and Nazuna. Ko wants to become a vampire, but falls in love with Nazuna for doing so. Although Nazuna teases Ko a lot, she actually becomes very embarrassed by the intimacy and romance. It’s nice to hear their conversation and how they spend the nights together. The leaps from its lonely night scenes, sensual blood-sucking moments, and cute wits are all pretty entertaining. I am really enjoying the series!

call of night episode 2

Ko also says something about how he never thought it was sad to be alone, and that feeling lonely with people was really sad. It’s really hard to deal with these feelings, but the good thing Ko later says is that her loneliness now has meaning – looking for the night for her friend Nazuna. The wristwatch transceiver (and that big phone) was pretty uninspired to look at, too.

The disorientation in this anime really amazes me. Not to mention, the music is really lively! insert song When Ko and Nazuna climb over the city, the creepy maniacs go as well. I’m loving their bonding moments, but that cliffhanger really got to me. After all, Ko has a friend? The next episode will release on July 21 at 12:55 pm, while the English subbed version will come an hour later. hi dive, Don’t forget to vote for us weekly polling,

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