Dinky DOP Reveals Whether Shah Rukh Khan Tried To Fix Things Between Him And Rajkumar Hirani: "SRK Is Too Much Anyway..."

Did Shah Rukh Khan try to strike a deal between Dinky's DOP and Rajkumar Hirani?
Did Shah Rukh Khan try to strike a deal between Dinky’s DOP and Rajkumar Hirani? (Photo Credits – Instagram; Wikipedia)

Just a day before yesterday, we heard that DOP Amit Roy has walked out of Dunki after working for a few days. This was indeed a major setback for Shah Rukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani’s first collaboration as anything negative coming out of the camp could turn the film negative. After giving your reasons, Roy Once again this matter has come out in the open.

A day before yesterday, news came that Amit Roy had left the film after working for 19-20 days. He revealed to have some creative differences. He shared that he did not want to strain and create any friction in their relationship, so he decided to leave quietly. Now once again he has addressed the issue and shared whether Shah Rukh Khan had tried to mend anything between him and Hirani.

Speaking to ETimes, Amit Roy said, “It was a conversation between a director and a DOP. Shah Rukh is too gentle to be in this relationship anyway. Neither he would have asked Raju sir to shoot with me nor would he have any other opinion on it. He was not a factor in my decision. ,

Sharing about his decision to quit Dunki, Roy again shared, “I shot for 19-20 days. I think our sensibilities don’t match in terms of creativity. We were not on the same page though we tried hard. It had gotten to a point where I felt that the friction would continue to mount and our relationship would crumble. If both of us are not agreeing on the same thing then it will be a problem for the film.”

He further revealed that after leaving Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki, he is happily working with him. Sandeep Vanga Reddyof animal. He also clarified that “there was no conflict between Dunkie and Animal”.

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