Elite Season 2's Classroom Preview Trailer and Images for Episode 3

class of elite season 2 released a preview trailer and images for Episode 3, along with the title and synopsis. The third episode is scheduled for July 18. A phrase is quoted from the title of the episode discourse on law ,discourse on law) in English, by the French philosopher René Descartes: “Great souls are capable of the greatest faults as well as the greatest of virtues.Translates to “Joe”The greatest minds are capable of the greatest faults as well as the greatest of virtues.,

The newly released preview images show some of the main characters: Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, Kei Karuizawa, Teruhiko Yukimura, Honami Ichinose, Tetsuya Hamaguchi, and Shiho Manebe.

The second episode ends with a scene where Karuizawa is being cornered by three Class-C students, and the episode 3 summary describes the situation:
Karuizawa is upset with the Class-C students, including Manabe, who are standing around him. Ayanokouji tries to observe the situation calmly, while Yukimura no longer holds back and runs in front of him. It seems that Karuizawa, who provided Ayanokoji with inspiration, was becoming intimidated to an unusual level…

author of elite class The series, Shogo Kinugasa is writing the script for the preview trailers. As revealed from the trailer for the last episode, Kikyo Kushida is taking on the role of narrator this week. ,Horikita-san is really determined to win the special test on the cruise,“Class-D student starts and continues:”But his apparent lack of competence would be getting exposed.After all the partisan, slanderous narration ends, Horikita explains that Kushida just wanted to make fun of him rather than introduce the plot of the next episode. “Oh, you just saw it?” Kushida answers. ,You’re the kind of person who can’t make ‘real’ friends with anyone,Horikita responds. Kushida, however, says thanks and explains that they are the same. And then Horikita concludes the 54-second long video with the episode title:

classroom of elite season 2 episode 3 preview trailer

Shogo Kinugasa writes elite class Light novel series with art by Shunasaku Tomoj. The novel currently has two parts, Year 1 and Year 2. class of elite season 2 is covering year 1. Studio Lerche is animating.

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