Flag Corporation India & USA United States Of America Car Dashboard Flag 2in x 3in Plastic With Liquid Chrome Base

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Known for having exceptional quality flags, The Flag Corp., Mumbai is one of the most reputed flag manufacturers on earth.

Recognized with over 18 prestigious awards, The Flag Corp. has been proud of its top-notch products since 1996! We are perfectionists. optimistic. Inventor. Patriot! Forever, tinkering with products and processes in search of something better. And we wouldn’t want to take it any other way!

All ingredients are packaged in our branded box packaging with basic flag etiquette and washing/care instructions.
The size of the Indian National Flag and the National Flag of the United States of America – 2 inches. x 3in. each | Overall height of flag staff/pole – 5.75 inches. , Unlike any other flag you’ve ever seen. , Created with love and precision by one of the world’s most prestigious and award winning flag makers – The Flag Corporation, Mumbai, India.
A perfect gift to any friend, NRI, colleague or foreign representative to display their flag with pride or for personal use. , Compatible to display on dashboard of any car. , All parts of this product can be easily dismantled/disassembled or replaced/replaced with any other flag as and when required.
️ Precisely and seamlessly laser cut at the edges to prevent the fabric from spoiling, the flag slides perfectly across its staff (pole).
Luxurious 100% recycled plastic chrome plated durable stand with a self-adhesive, shock absorbent double-sided tape for easy affixing to car dashboards or other surfaces. , Can also be used as desk/table flag.

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