Lycoris tops Recoil Summer 2022 Week 2 anime rankings, wins second in a row

The Summer 2022 anime season is moving forward, and licorice recoil Continued to impress and took first place in Week 2 for the second time in a row! last week it Top most ranking after great premiere, This week, anime ranked up Overlord IV And night call With the votes of 20,840 people, a total of 8.81% for himself. the devil is a part timer season 2 more summer time rendering Also entered the top 10, and you can see the ranking below:

Top 10 Anime of Week 2 | summer 2022

licorice recoil anime ranking best week 2
Summer 2022 Week 2 – Top 10 Anime (click on the link for full ranking,

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licorice recoil There is an original anime by Studio A-1 Pictures, and you can read the official synopsis for the story:
“Lykoreko” is a cafe with a traditional Japanese twist located in downtown Tokyo. But delicious coffee and sweet desserts are not the only orders for this cafe! From delivering packages over short distances, to pick-up and drop-off on deserted streets at night, to warding off zombies and giant monsters…?! Whatever your problem, we are here to help! We will solve any “problem” you may have!
An always smiling poster girl and a cool, serious newcomer await you. A little girl who never wants to work and a young woman in her 30s who wants to get married. And the manager is a nice guy who is obsessed with Japan! Whatever your order, leave it to us!

There are still a few more Summer 2022 anime shows left to premiere, but licorice recoil The first 2 weeks have shown that it is going to be a tough contender for the title of best.

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