Official Papers of Court's Decision "Order Is Final" Viral, Netizens Tell Aquaman Actress "F*ck Right Off Your Nonsense"

Johnny Depp Fans Trend #JohnnyDeppWonAgain As Court Rules In Their Side Again!
Netizens Slam Amber In Johnny Depp Case Go Viral As Official Letters Say “Order Is Final” (Photo Credits – Instagram; Twitter; IMDb)

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard has a lot of twists and turns. It was in 2020 that Johnny Depp saw his first loss when the ruling favored The Sun over “wife-beater” claims. But as soon as Amber Heard saw defeat in a 2022 defamation lawsuit over an op-ed she wrote in The Washington Post, things turned upside down.

which resulted in aquaman star being asked to pay $10.35 million As a loss to her ex-husband. No, Amber doesn’t have that kind of money considering her net worth is in her own right $8 million, Therefore, he and his lawyer, Elaine Breedhoft, are doing everything possible to reopen the trial, including allegations that a jury member was not who they claimed to be.

Yesterday, Judge Penny Azkart ruled that there was “no evidence of fraud or wrongdoing” by the jury and that the jury’s decision must stand. “In this litigation, all parties were guaranteed and provided with due process,” he said.

While the official statement went viral all around, official papers of the ruling have now surfaced on social media platforms. It can be seen with “The Order Is Final” written over it, and Johnny Depp fans used this as an opportunity to slap Amber Heard.

#JohnnyDeppWonAgain is trending on Twitter, with netizens asking Heard to end the drama.

One user wrote, “#JohnnyDeppWonAgain THIS ORDER IS FINAL” f*ck is a judicial translation of the write off of your bullshit.

Another tweeted, “No one was really confused about it. Not to mention the Ember team was catching on at straws with their BS pace. Testing was justified let’s get over it and already #JohnnyDeppWonAgain #JohnnyDeppKeepsWinning But fuck you.”

“#JohnnyDeppKeepsWinning #JohnnyDeppWonAgain and #AmberHeardIsALiar are all trending. Nature is healing,” wrote another.

“Good morning #AmberTurd what a beautiful day. Smells like JUSTICE,” read a tweet.

Well, we can’t deny that there are reasons Johnny Depp And his fans to celebrate!

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