One Punch Man Chapter 168: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Leaks, Countdown, Where to Read Online

Listen! today we will update you One Punch Man Chapter 168 Where we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming chapter such as its release date, spoilers, raw scans, and where you can read the new chapter.

one punch man is a very popular hard-core superhero action manga that is an adaptation of the original webcomic by ONE (also drew mob psycho 100) and Yusuke Murata of iShield 21. It has some of the most spectacular looking fight scenes along with very detailed art and character writing.

We are now nearing the end of the Garou arc/Monster Association arc which is confirmed by Murata himself.

In the latest chapter, we see the rawest and most serious version of Saitama ever. Just before Garou and Saitama’s fists collide, Bang opens a one-dimensional gap to channel the giant energy to another location and save the planet. Bang manages to escape thanks to his allies in other dimensions, however, as their attack repels they end up on one of Jupiter’s moons.

Garu is shocked to find himself in such a strange environment and asks Saitama if he should find a way to return to Earth. However, one who is so annoyed at the sight of his disciple’s heart and his hand torn from his body by the demon in front, may simply say “this is when I can beat the filth out of you”. The two fight again in which they nearly destroy the Moon’s crust.

One Punch Chapter 168 Release date and time

one punch man The manga is published by One and Yusuke Murata. Shueisha’s Tonori No Young Magazine Which is released every Wednesday on a weekly basis. However, the OPM manga has a very unusual release schedule and the author is allowed to publish chapters whenever they want. In most cases, new chapters are released every other Wednesday because the previous ch ie ch 167 was published on July 6, One Punch Man chapter 168 will be released on either Saturday, July 20, 2022 or on Saturday, july August 3, 2022 at 12:00 AM (JST), The title of the chapter has not yet been announced.

However, note that the English translation will take some time to appear as the whole translation process involves manga invisible complex steps such as re-drawing, typing, proofreading and of course translating the text.

So you may need at least 3-5 days to read in your preferred language.

release time

As far as our international audience is concerned, here Chapter 168 of One Punch Man will be available to read on the online website.

  • Pacific Time: Wednesday at 9 a.m.
  • Central Time: Wednesday at 11am
  • Eastern Time: Wednesday at 12 noon
  • British time: Wednesday at 5 p.m.
Countdown to OPM Chapter (Japan release time)


Is One Punch On Break this week?

No, luckily, this month the manga is not on hiatus and Chapter 168 will be released as per its schedule. So far no such delay has been announced by the author.

OPM Chapter 168 Leak, Raw Scan and Spoiler

One Punch Man 168 Raw spoiler leaked
Cosmic Garou

while writingThe raw scans and spoilers for Chapter 168 are yet to be revealed, Such raw scans usually start appearing on the net 3-4 days before the official release date and can be found on online forums like 4chan and Reddit. So we are expecting this week to be available on 17th July 2022.

We will keep an eye on them and report back to you as soon as they are released. In the meantime, check out its official subreddit for the latest updates and chapter discussions r/onepunchman,

Previous Chapter Recap

Garou and Saitama land on Io, the moon closest to Jupiter in orbit; As Garu gathers himself from the surprise of landing on the Moon, Saitama uses the awkward position, believing he can now go out. He tries to put Genos’ core in his suit, but decides to capture it when the suit is torn apart. When Garu tries to tell Saitama that he must find a way to return to Earth, the hero cuts him off and claims “this can happen when I beat the shit out of you”, directly to the demon. challenges. Surprised by his seriousness, Garu opens an entrance beneath Saitama.azoicreport this ad

Chapter 167 of One Punch Man, I don’t really need to say anything else or this chapter was crazy #OnePunchMan

Saitama quickly sweeps the portal off his feet and delivers a punch, injuring Garu. He opens another door behind the protagonist to kill him, but Saitama grabs the edge and knocks him down, exposing Garu to another punch and knocking him back to the surface. Saitama mocks his “little trick” and asks Garu to use his fist. The cosmic demon replies that the technique of the ungodly school used as one is “his fist”.

Opening several gates to surround Saitama for an attack, Garu speeds through them all and stops him with his techniques. He uses roaring aura sky stunning fistAfter Water Stream Rock Smashing Fistwho joins Exploding Heart Release Fistbefore using Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist, mercilessly beating the hero. Garo ends his attack nuclear fission gravity fingerCauses a huge explosion that destroys Io.

Where to read Chapter 168 of One Punch Man?

You can read the latest chapter in two ways. The first is by reading fan translations which will be available a day or two after the Japanese release.

The other is reading the official translation on its official website by ie. However, vis translations are far behind by chapters 3, so you need to wait for chapter 159 official translations of 2-4 weeks.

You can also buy its previous versions on that website and read it in both online and offline mode.

What is One Punch Man about?

One Punch Man is a manga written by ONE and drawn by Yusuke Murata, published in Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump since 2012. The manga is based on a webcomic written by One. Viz Media is publishing the series in English.

The manga inspired an anime series in 2015 for 12 episodes by Studio Madhouse. Jesse Staff then produced a second season in 2019, which ran for 12 episodes. A live-action adaptation by Sony is in development.

The story centers around Saitama, who turns out to be a hero just for fun. After three years of “special” training, he became so powerful that he could beat opponents with a single punch. Now, with Genos, his loyal cyborg disciple, Saitama is ready to begin his official duties as a professional hero working with the Hero Association.

Well thats all for today. We will keep you updated with any news related to One Punch Man Chapter 168. Also, be sure to check Jujutsu Cassen Season 2 And osamake season 2,

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