Overlord season 4 non-credits opening video reaches 1 million views in 2 days

overlord season 4The non-credits opening video reached 1 million views in two days after it was posted by the anime on July 13. Masayoshi Oshi and [email protected]unit of the music group OXT, known with their song “clatanoia“Performing the opening theme song, from the Overlord franchise”empty appetite“For the fourth season. The single CD release of the song is scheduled for July 27, 2022.

When the YouTube post crossed half a million views, singer Masayoshi Oshii described the opening film as “Very cool!” Expressing his excitement. In his tweet,It appears like that [the non-credit opening video] Already 500,000 views! OP’s video is great!,

Masayoshi Oshii’s tweet for half a million views of the video.

You can check out the 1-minute and 33-second long opening video on Kadokawa’s official YouTube channel below:

The non-credits opening video for Overlord Season 4 reached 1 million views in two days.

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Kugane Maruyama wrote the story overlord Light novel series with art by So-bin. The first volume came out in July 2012, the latest volume, Volume 15 was released on June 30, 2022, and the release of the next volume, Volume 16 is scheduled for July 29 in Japan. Studio Madhouse animated and is producing the adaptation overlord season 4 Directed by Naoyuki Ito. short anime series of the franchise play play pleiads 4 Directed by Minoru Ashina is also airing.

Overlord season 4 opening video
overlord season 4opening theme songempty appetite“CD Jacket”

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