Saleshop365® Universal International All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter Wall Charger AC Power Plug Adapter USA/UK/AUS/EU Cellphone Laptop with Surge Protected Support in Over 150 Countries

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Universal International All In One Worldwide Travel Adapter Wall Charger AC Power Plug Adapter USA / UK / AUS / EU Cellphone Laptop With Surge / Pike Protected Outlet Fits Over 150 Countries Over 150 Countries EU Type Germany, Denmark, Finland , France, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Turkey, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Morocco. e.t.c. UK Type Bahrain, Belize, Botswana, Brunei, Cyprus, Dominica, England, Ghana, Gibraltar, Grenada, Hong Kong, Iraq, Ireland, Kenya, Macau, Malta, Malaysia, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Oman, Qatar, St Lucia, St Vincent , Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, UAE, United Kingdom, Wales, Yemen, Zimbabwe etc USA Type USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Venezuela, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guam, Honduras, Jamaica etc. AU Type Mainland China, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Salomon Islands, Tonga, Western Samoa, etc. HOW TO USE THIS UNIVERSAL TRAVEL ADAPTER 1 – Slide the “Lock/Unlock” button to the “Unlock” side to allow the arms going into the wall to exit. 2-Once they are all the way out, slide the button back to the “Lock” position. 3-If you struggle to move the button back, it means the arms are not fully extended, just pull them out fully and you will be able to lock them in place. Specification Voltage: 125-250V. Current Rating: 6-13A. Size:78 x 52 x 39 mm. Weight: 0.09 kg. Package 1×Universal Travel Adapter
It is handy, sleek and compact design which is perfect for travelling. Built-in safety shutters protect users from direct touch of live parts to the socket outlet. The adapter is supplied with a drawstring pouch for securely transporting.
Accepts plugs from over 150 countries with USA / EU / UK / AU / China / Japan plug, equipped with built-in safety shutter, include 1x Universal Adapter / 1x Fiber Bag / 1x Instructions in English and Chinese.
This charger adapter plug only converts power outlet, it does not convert electrical output current and voltage.
Voltage:120-240V; Current Rating: 6-13A. [NOTE] Please do not use it with any appliance with high power consumption (power consumption more than 1000W), such as hair dryer, straightener and water heater.

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