The Call of the Night anime features the song "Los Time" inserted by Creepy Nuts in the animated video.

night call The anime released a lyrical video of the included song.wastage of timeBy Creepy Nuts after the second episode of the anime aired in Japan. The song is written by the band behind the opening and closing artist of the new night call anime and it will be available in the next episode, as well as be heard in future episodes.

You can watch the 1 minute and 45 second long lyrical video of Creepy Nuts.wastage of timeDown on Noitamina’s official YouTube channel:

Lyrical video for the song ‘Creepy Crazy’wastage of time” In night call

Director Tomoyuki Itamura commented on the song and what he wanted to achieve with it:
,At first, it was a floating feeling. I requested a song that suited the ko wandering around the city and the nazuna flying in the sky. It’s more the feeling of floating than the feeling of flying. I was hoping this song would stand with the guy who feels anxious yet is in high spirits about the immensity of the night and the endlessness of the city.,

Opening and ending performer Creepy Nuts gave the following answer:
,What part of ‘Los Time’ would you recommend listening to?,
,You don’t have to dress up, and I’d like you to enjoy it if the scenes from the song and track come to you, and I’m glad if you feel your body get a good sense of the sounds and you let yourself know. Give them,

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Kotoyama is driving night call The series in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shnen Sunday. The series released its twelfth volume on July 15, 2022. The manga was named after the Creepy Nuts song of the same name.yofukashi no utah“In Japanese. The band is performing both the opening and closing songs, titled “information” And “yofukashi no utahrespectively. LIDENFILMS is animating the adaptation of the manga under the direction of Tomoyuki Itamura.

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