When Shah Rukh Khan Said Sushant Singh Rajput "Ab Yeh Mujhe Kiraye Pe Bhi Le Jaaya Karega" After He Asked For His Help To Impress A Girlfriend

When Sushant Singh Rajput sought Shah Rukh Khan's help to impress his girlfriend and here's what he said
When Shah Rukh Khan Said Sushant Singh Rajput “Mujhe Kiraye Pe Bhi Le Jaaya Karega” For This Reason ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

Shahrukh Khan is crazy about everyone and it is not a secret. More than being a superstar, the actor also known as the ‘King of Romance’ changed the definition of love on the big screen. Time and again we have seen Bollywood celebs ask Shah Rukh for advice at different events. Recalling one such incident, we will tell you about the time when Sushant Singh Rajput sought help from the superstar to impress his girlfriend.

The story is from 2017 when Shahrukh and SSR Was a part of Farah Khan’s show Lip Sing Battle where they were seen shaking legs together.

In the reality show, Sushant Singh Rajput asked Shah Rukh Khan if he wants the superstar to help him impress his girlfriend, with whom he wants to embark on the journey of life. Kedarnathi actor Heard Shahrukh saying, “After facing many difficulties, I have made a girlfriend. And I want to tell him that please go on the journey of life with me. But he doesn’t agree with me. So can you help me and say a little bit to him with me that ‘Chal chaiyya chaiyya’ (can you help me and ask him to go with me).

Replying to him, Shah Rukh had said, “Ab ye mujhko apni girlfriend se baat karane ke liye kiraye pe bhi le jaaya karega (He will hire me and take me along to talk to his girlfriend from now on).” Watch the epic video below:

It is known to all that Sushant Singh Rajput was a big fan of Shahrukh Khan. There was a time when he had promised himself and said that he would one day party at Shahrukh’s house Mannat and his dream came true. Earlier, speaking to Rediff about his craze for Shah Rukh, Sushant said, “During my growing up days, I watched a lot of Yash Raj films, especially Shah Rukh Khan’s films. I was a huge fan of his films. I had never been star-struck, but I remember one time I was sitting with my friends in a coffee shop near Shah Rukh’s house in Bandra. He had a party and I saw several big cars enter his bungalow. I told myself that one day I would like to go inside and party with her. Luckily, this year she had an Eid party and I was invited. I was really happy with it.”

After ending his life on June 14, 2020, Sushant Singh Rajput is alive in our hearts forever.

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