Today techs Announcement of tender of presidency bonds – RIKB 24 0415

today techs

Class RIKB 24 0415 RIKB 31 0124
ISIN IS0000033009 IS0000020386
due date 15.04.2024 24.01.2031
Tender date 23.09.2022 23.09.2022
Settlement date 28.09.2022 28.09.2022
10% complement 27.09.2022 today techs vertical-align: middle; vertical-align: middle ; “>27.09.2022

On the public sale day, between 10:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., an public sale can be held by Lánamál ríksíðin on authorities bonds in these classes, with the ISIN numbers and with the maturity dates proven within the desk above. Funds for the federal government bonds should be obtained by the Central Financial institution by 14:00 on the settlement day and the letters can be delivered electronically on the identical day. The ten% further buy choice applies to Article 6. within the common tender situations for presidency bonds.

In different respects it’s referred to descriptions of the bond class and of the overall tender situations for presidency bonds on the web site today techs of the Nationwide Credit score Union.

For extra info, please contact Oddgeir Gunnarsson, Authorities Credit score Affairs, on today techs tel. today techs 569 9635.

today techs
today techs

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