Today techs S-400 “Cripler” — How did Ukraine combine ‘incompatible’ AGM-88 anti-radiation missiles with MiG-29 fighters?

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We might lastly understand how the American AGM-88 HARM anti-radiation missiles are built-in with Ukraine’s MiG-29 fighter jets. American missiles have been reported to have destroyed Ok illuminated radar S-400 System,

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A video has surfaced of a Ukrainian fighter pilot writing a message to the Russians on an AGM-88 missile mounted on one among Ukraine’s Soviet-made fighters, which exhibits an pylon-adapter connected to the fighter’s pylon.

Within the video, the pilot could be seen writing on the missile, “You stink of radar.”

The pylon-adapter seen within the video seems to be specifically fabricated to include the American anti-radiation missile.

In line with the ‘Ukraine Weapons Tracker’, OSINT Twitter Deal with Which tracks the conflict in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Air Pressure is using AGM-88 missiles utilizing the usual LAU-118/A launcher which is a newly fabricated pylon-designed pylon specifically designed for the AGM-88. is mounted on the adapter.

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The LAU-118/A pylon was seen on a video exhibiting a Ukrainian pilot leaving a “message” on the missile (Ukraine Weapons Tracker)

The LAU-118/A missile launcher supplies the mechanical and electrical interface between the AGM-88 missile and the launch plane, sometimes American F-16s or F/A-18s.

Via this interface, HARM can talk with the plane’s radar warning receiver (RWR) and the plane’s launch pc.

How is the AGM-88 really launched?

How the LAU-118/A missile launcher was built-in with the MiG-29 system continues to be unclear. Nonetheless, an Israeli newspaper Calcalist has supplied a potential clarification To this, say that the missile isn’t powered by the plane, however by an exterior battery that was connected to the physique of the plane.

With regard to the launch of the missile, the writer of the Calclist article, dated 10 September, states that as an alternative of connecting the launcher to the MiG-29’s pc, a cable extending from the launcher to the cockpit is related to a radar sensor and a launch button.

today techs Russian MiG-29
File Picture: MiG-29

The sensor is alleged to work 24/7 because it additionally attracts energy from an exterior battery, fixing the issue with the MiG-29’s outdated Soviet-era electronics.

Moreover, the article’s writer notes that there’s a caveat to such an association, because today techs it reduces the launch vary of HARMs, whereas within the case of American fighters, the missile would have loved a launch vary of as much as 150 km. Is.

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The F-16 has an AIM-120 AMRAAM (high), AIM-9 Sidewinder (center) and AGM-88 HARM (Wikipedia).

The writer states that after the pilot receives a sign from the sensor within the occasion of enemy radar radiation being detected, he raises the nostril of the plane by 20–30 levels to propel the missile in an arc trajectory in order that the launch vary could be expanded. missile so far as potential.

In line with the writer, specialists from Raytheon Company, which manufactures the AGM-88, assisted in integrating the missiles with Ukrainian fighters.

The writer’s claims are unverified, as US protection officers attribute solely Ukrainians to efficiently integrating the missile with their MiG-29s.

In August, a senior US protection official was requested how the missiles have been built-in with Soviet-era jets. he replied Saying – “They (Ukrainians) have really efficiently built-in it as a result of now we have decided that may be technically possible, and based mostly on that feasibility dedication, now we have given them that functionality.

Function of AGM-88 Missiles

The writer made one other attention-grabbing declare that the principle targets for Ukrainian fighter pilots with their HARMs are literally the Russian ‘1L260 Zoopark-1 M’ counter-battery radars, not air protection radars.

The writer argues that the decreased launch vary of today techs the missile implies that the pilot should fly the plane deep into the enemy’s air-defense bubble earlier than launching the missile.

As well as, the Ukrainian trick of elevating the nostril of the plane wouldn’t work in japanese Ukraine, which lacks the hills, valleys and ridges that would conceal the MiG-29 from Russian air-defense radars whereas it carried out such maneuvers. Is.

Which means that Ukrainian pilots haven’t any approach of launching anti-radiation missiles earlier than they’re detected and fired at by Russian air protection techniques. The writer additionally notes that fashionable Russian techniques such because the S-300 are additionally a priority for the Israeli Protection Forces (IDF).

Proof from Ukraine and Russia

Nonetheless, in latest weeks, there have been claims from each Russian and Ukrainian sources that the Ukrainian Air Pressure is utilizing AGM-88 missiles to destroy Russian air protection forces.

Anton Gerashchenko, a marketing consultant and former deputy minister within the Ministry of Inside Affairs of Ukraine, shared a video On September 6, exhibiting what he stated was the results of an AGM-88 missile hitting the Buk air protection system in Kherson.

The air protection system proven within the video is reportedly the Buk-M2 system, and the goal destroyed might be today techs the 9A317 Transportation Erector Launcher and Radar (Taylor).

The Buk-M2’s TELAR consists of 4 9A317 missiles and an NIIP 9S36 passive phased array engagement radar, which might observe and illuminate a number of targets concurrently. This radar is believed to have attracted the AGM-88 anti-radiation missile, going by Gerashenko’s account of the incident.

Even Russian media sources have claimed that Ukrainian navy is making an attempt to make use of AGM-88 HARM missiles to destroy S-400 . The Illumination Radar and Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile techniques deployed to offer an air protection umbrella over Kherson and Nova Kakhovka.

These claims look like based mostly on pictures allegedly exhibiting the stays of an AGM-88 missile in an residence constructing in Kherson.

Since there was no indication that the house was the goal, and the presence of potential shrapnel holes within the missile’s stays, it instructed that it might have been intercepted.

based on a Russian language media outletThe missile failed to achieve its goal and landed within the residence constructing in Kherson as Russian air protection forces detected the missile and turned off its radar.

Russian digital warfare complexes jammed the GPS contained in the missile.

In truth, lately, today techs some new pictures have emerged, which allegedly present the stays of the destroyed AGM-88 missile within the Kherson space.

Within the pictures, the missile in query could today techs be seen piercing the physique, suggesting it was intercepted by an anti-aircraft missile. Russian media sources counsel that the missile was shot down by the Buk anti-aircraft missile system.

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